The power and possibilities of David Brandon

Submitted by James Burrill Angell on January 22nd, 2010 at 3:58 PM

Was listening to sports radio somewhere significantly outside MetroDetroit when I heard two sportstalk hosts discussing David Brandon. One dufus said to the other (a) "If Martin had not retired, he would have been forced out as none of the Michigan teams are winning" and then (b) "if things keep up, the reality is that Brandon will likely hire new football, basketball and hockey coaches sometime in the next five years. Football and basketball because of failure and hockey because Red Berenson can't live forever".
After initially dismissing, the fact is that it COULD (although I hope not) be true. As I want no part of a discussion of the first two coaches, who would replace Red??? Would they just move up an assistant, a former player out there somewhere? NDTP's coach? Wonder who could get brought on for that.

Then I woke up and realized Red isn't really a person but a diety and therefore won't actually die.



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I believe it's been hinted for a while that, once Red decides to step down, Mel Pearson (assistant coach) is taking over. If I recall correctly, he's turned down a few jobs recently - the Michigan Tech job springs to mind, but I think there were a few others.

Edit: I was confusing Powers and Pearson. My bad!


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I am a member of Dekers and the going rumor is that Red is going to retire after next season. His goal is to make it to the frozen four in Detroit (which is not looking good at the moment). There is also a rumor that the AD is going to make the cold war II a Red tribute and his membership in the 700 win club with Ron Mason.

In a perfect world, I would love to see Pearson as head coach and Morrison being groomed for the position.


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ummm last i checked brandon was aware of and likely approved the beilein extension. further, ammaker got how far in his years at UM versus, you know, Beilein? this is just stupid conjecture. and fwiw, UM's other Red is 100. i expect berenson to extend that.


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sounds like Shawn (Ithink its shawn, the spartan fan anyway) from the Shawn & Terp show on ESPN radio........That guy is by far the most annoying voice in radio


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as wins and loses do not define whether or not an athletic director is ultimately successful. One can argue that Martin belongs with Yost and Canham as one of the greatest AD's in Michigan history.

Beilein is not going anywhere. Powers or Pearson will be the next coach if and when Red decides to hang them up.


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I can't stand that show. Faction usually plays good music and Ellis is always on during my ride home from work. Didn't neg you though because I thank you for bringing him up and giving me this opportunity to vent. +1

James Burrill Angell

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Don't like the motocross talk and sometimes it gets a little adolescent. That said "Dude, Am I a Slut" is pretty damned funny and listening to him try to deal with being a father and husband is funny because we're the same age and have kids of the same age. Perhaps it just makes me feel better about myself.