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After the events (and emotions) of yesterday, I was reminded of why I wrote a piece on my sports fandom for the Boston Globe a few years ago. I know that it might seem self-serving to reference one's own writing in these posts, however I also suspect that it may speak to where some of you (especially those of you with kids) are today and be helpful in that regard.

Note that this is written about what I would call the "negative" aspects of my fandom, which are distinct from the joys of watching UM win and the general pain of watching/experiencing UM lose games like the one yesterday. I would imagine that a lot of you are more well adjusted than I am in any case.

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But I didn't / won't read it. We lost and I'm pissed. I don't need things to put life in perspective. My life is in perspective and that game , and all the other games they play, mean a lot to me. I'm a fan, and it hurts, and it will for awhile. At least until the rankings come out Tuesday.

Goggles Paisano

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I feel the same way.  Next week no one will give a shit how we got boned out a deserved W. It just goes down as another loss to ohio st.  And for that it will forever stick in my craw just like the msu game last year still sticks in my craw.  Harbaugh is 0-2 against osu and we will have to hear that shit forever - "when will he beat osu?", people and pundits will say - fuck all that.  


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Yep the pundits will point to the 0-2 and make a big deal out of it. Doesn't matter that Urban stepped into great situation. His team was already stocked full of great Tressel recruiting cycles. Harbaugh has to build this thing from the ground up. He has to do more with less for these first few years. But logic doesn't matter to the media folks.

rob f

November 27th, 2016 at 12:05 PM ^

While his first two were good, by year 3 his recruiting had slid, and what would have been his 4th class pretty much disintegrated as that season became a disaster on so many levels.

On top of that, as highly -rated as his classes were, there was relatively little balance. For instance, he never was able to bring offensive line recruiting to a high enough level to recover from the mess left there by RichRod.

By the time Harbaugh came to the rescue it was too late for him to make up much ground.

We are back

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I can't get over it, I coach football and I know the rules, the spot shouldn't have been given, everyone keeps saying forward progress but foward progress is from where the defender hits you and you go back, hill hit JT and Jt fell sideways into his own man which would negate forward progress ball should have been spotted where he landed. That's a mistake I can't forgive

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NO! Not reading it. Not ready to.

There needs to be education, certification, and accountability for the referee's. The refs are rewarded with pay but consequences for poor performance is lacking.

There needs to be a real professional body to govern this group of people.

You can't let these blantant calls go like this! 

These teams sweat and suffer for years for the chance to play in a game like this. There's a lot riding on the outcome and some "yahoo" who is a known OSU fan gets to referee the game?

A previously fired BiG referee gets to call this game?

The referee's of this game define "Piss Poor Performance".

Their pictures should be the touchstone of a movement to certify referees.

I ain't reading $hit right now cuz nothing could make this feel better until they hold those ref's feet to the fire.