Potential QB transfers for 2016

Submitted by Magnus on December 12th, 2015 at 8:41 AM

Montana State QB Dakota Prukop was discussed in a thread yesterday, but with Kyle Allen's announcement that he's transferring from Texas A&M, I thought I would take a little more in-depth of a look at five potential QB transfers for 2016. Allen's interest in Michigan is uncertain, but there has been buzz about mutual interest from the other four.




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You actually bring up a good point: can Harbaugh change his offense to cater to a QB who thrives in spread?

Evidence says yes. I love having a coach who pushes himself to broader offense horizons. Watching Threet try to run the spread option was just as frustrating as watching Denard try to pocket pass.


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If Michigan is willing to consider a QB transfer like Prukop (which I guess is not confirmed) is there a reason they're not scouring 1-AA ranks for a LB who might be able to help?


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I enjoy watching Ben Roethlisberger as he gets hit all the time and picks himself up right away. 
Like guys already pointed out, we really like to see a "Potential LB transfers for Michigan". Seriously.


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It seems to me, and this might be wrong, that it's much less likely for high-quality LBs to transfer their last year of eligibility. A lot of QBs transfer (see Rudock, Jake) because there's only room for one person to play that position at a time. LB usually sees at least three people with meaningful playing time, so it seems more likely they'll stick around.


Also, it's not like they'd want to transfer here for our historically great development of LBs or anything. Or coaching staff.


That said, I could see a LB transferring to get more media coverage, etc if they try to play in the NFL. Just doesn't seem like that's as likely as the other two reasons they might do so, to me at least.


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Right. There are usually 3-4 linebackers on the field, so guys don't transfer for playing time. If you can't be one of the top 3-4 guys on your current team, then you're unlikely to find greener pastures at another FBS school of note. FWIW, sometimes when I'm scouring FCS and D-II rosters, I seem to come across a lot of linebackers and defensive backs who transfers from FBS schools. It's anecdotal, I know, but you just don't seem to see many linebackers transferring from big school to big school.


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I have seen a number of people say that they would rather see a LB transfer. This is a silly statement. It is almost unheard of for a LB to take a 5th year grad transfer and contribute on his next team. Why? Because unlike QB, a team plays 2 LB at all times, and two backups who contribute as well. So, if a player is good enough, he will find playing time. For that reason, anyone good enough to contribute on Michigan is likely also finding playing time on their current team and will not transfer. Qb is different because generally, only 1 guy will play. So, you can often get quality transfers looking for playing time (see Rudock). Sure, there are exceptions but it is rare.

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Also, we saw firsthand how unlikely a grad transfer at LB is because none of our three average-to-above average LBs tried it. And that's despite splitting time 4 ways with Gedeon.

There's a decent chance that if Ross had transferred to, say, Stanford, he would have started.

It happens, but it's rare. See Countess.

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This position is batty and makes me pull my hair out. Suppose you start Hill and he's hurt on the first play of the first game. Then you play O'Korn... just like you would have anyway.

Now flip it. You don't take Hill because of this crazy concern about injuries. O'Korn gets injured. Now your potential playoff season is in the hands of Wilton Speight. I'll buy Speight a beer anytime I see him after graduation. But... no.

The only possible harm in taking Hill is the current baseline, absent first team reps in early fall practice for O'Korn. And that's not nothing, but it's an easy call.

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Given Allen's higher profile and some success,  I would think he would have some real interesting options.  So, does he want to battle our logjam of QBs or go somewhere where there is a better job of being the main guy, albeit in 1 year, most likely he picks the later.


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Although Allen's probably the surest bet on that list, our QB depth should be excellent by 2017. Next year is still thin if O'Korn gets injured or isn't the gunslinger we all expect him to be. Hill would be an excellent 1-year pick up. And he LOVES Harbaugh.


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unless we absolutely knew we needed them. If we see 1-3 guys transfer and/or change position I'd definitely want one as it's just my belief that QB and OL should always RS (Peters). If they stay - and word is trending toward Morris staying (surprised) and I heard Speight already told people he's staying before the season - I think you have to go with O'Korn and a backup of those two along with Malzone and Gentry if they stay and don't change positions, respectively. I only want a transfer if we have major attrition or the staff doesn't trust O'Korn to carry the team. If they trust O'Korn you develop a backup Ruth what you have if there isn't major losses. If you even slightly doubt him you bring a guy in and he's your backup at worst. If we bring one in I'd only take Hill or Allen. Hill if you need a guy to play or Allen if you need need numbers. I'd only take 2 if one can play immediately, the other has 2+ years AND we lose 3+ to transfer/position change. I trust Hill to play more than the rest as I think all but him are system guys or downright bad QBs.


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I agree but watching as much as Kentucky football as I have the last few years (Boyfriend is a UK fan), I am not as impressed with what I saw with Towles vs. what I saw in some game clips with Jake and others. He gets too panicked. Kentucky isn't a guru of developing QBs but  then again, maybe Harbaugh.


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I don't think we see many grad transfer quarterbacks who are as good as Jake Rudock. He was a starter at a decent Big Ten school who put up pretty solid numbers. The C.J. Beathard thing was very strange, which was why it created quite a big stink last off-season. So if you're expecting every grad transfer QB to look as good as or better than Rudock, I think you're going to be disappointed the vast majority of the time.

I agree that we potentially have better options (such as O'Korn and Hill), though, which is why Towles is below those guys on the list.


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very solid FR year but they change the system up a bit on him as a Soph and he played pretty poorly, like a different QB. They either have him less reads than he had the year prior or more (can't recall) but it REALLY changed his game. Freshman O'Korn and we're beyond fine, IMO. Sophmore version? We need to look around.


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but I guess I already did by accident above. Anyway, I'm surprisingly hearing that the most likely transfer isn't Speight or Morris. In hearing both plan on staying or at least want to. All hearsay but the info on Speight comes from a close party as I guess he was marked as a sure departure before the Fall but really changed his tune right before the season. Being named backup? I don't know why? I'd just bet on him staying by what I hear but I don't know him so it's all hearsay.

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after O'Korn. That's a dangerous situation that can be addressed. It might say something about the overall numbers there too. We've already seen attrition from the recruiting class. I thought Morris was done here as soon as Harbaugh mentioned he asked to redshirt, but what do I know?

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The hope is that the players you recruit are good enough to beat out the transfers. And that the future starters get some experience as backups That should work itself out soon enough. There wasn't much chance of that this season with the QBs Hoke recruited. Next year we'll only have two of Harbaugh's recruits and it's too early to count on them, regardless of their talent.