Pot Smoke Haze Beats Tear Gas Haze Every Time

Submitted by UMgradMSUdad on April 6th, 2013 at 10:52 AM

In addition to the basketball game tonight, today at "high" noon is also the annual Hash Bash. Does anybody have any good Hash Bash stories or plan to attend this year?  

The title I came up with was inspired by an excerpt from a news story about enhanced police presence that made me laugh:



[Ann Arbor police Deputy Chief] Bazick said police are planning for every situation, but he does not expect the local streets to explode in a haze of tear gas, as has happened at other Michigan schools after April basketball success.




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92. I was a freshman when the Fab Five were freshmen. I was there and I'm positive I was still in the dorms. Sitting with a couple Bursley guys who were there as well.

Hank Hill

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I have been to 3 different Hash Bash's but '06 was a good time for us. On our way into town, we watched a guy wearing a clown suit walking down the street. He walked right up to a fraternity and right in the front door. We were both staring in bewilderment, not realizing the car in front of us had stopped. We rear-ended their Beamer and when we stopped, two very beautiful young ladies stepped out of the vehicle, looked at minimal damage, shrugged their shoulders and left. Needless to say we were both relieved. We got to the parking garage and his car dumped nearly all of his coolant. I think the car was more freaked out than we were. We proceeded to smoke way too much (actually probably just the right amount) and stopped at Hardee's on the way home. I was 19 and still living with my parents and when I got home my dad asked where I had been all day, I proudly proclaimed, "Hash Bash" and went to bed at 8:00.


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I was living on fourth street with some buddies (sophmore year).

I woke up with a bong being handed to me and a smell of bacon/eggs coming from the kitchen.

Friends began to arrive from downriver.

We walked down to hang out for a bit.

Came back and had a huge bar-b-que/smoke down.

Then Michigan Hockey won the national championship.  we watched the game at my place and then went to the union afterward to celebrate with people.

That night we went to a part at Evans Scholars where I met up with my dream girl at the time (and one of the few who I still miss:  real cool girl).  We danced all night, partied, and then I walked back to fourth street with four of my best friends around five in the morning. 

We got home, made some breakfast, watched the sunrise and went to bed.


I knew then that the day was one of my best, it was like drinking liquid luck (for the harry potter nerds like myself).  I hung with friends, michigan won a national championship, I kissed the girl of my dreams, and I ate all day  (and probably consumed a half O all to my self)...



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I want to thank the hash bash for inspiring me to study while a student at UM. I would look at all those burnt losers in the diag triple-fisting cool ranch Doritos and I knew exactly what I did not want to grow up to be.


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Hash Bash has lost its edge so to say.  My parents told me stories of it from its glory days and I was expecting something amazing.   Instead there was this guy dressed in all black talking about how the government wants to kill him so they're always cutting his brake lines.  The followup speaker was some fat dude yelling about how his rights were violated when Home Depot gave him a urine test.  His activist solution was everyone should go smoke pot, apply to Home Depot, and fail the test, meaning that Home Depot would be out the cost of all the tests.  I recall thinking that when your social activism is based on anger over the inability to hold a job at Home Depot, you're not really connecting with Michigan students.  

The best story I have was one year some kids who were drunk/baked/something had their frisbee fall down the skylights at the law library.  So they climbed down to get it and of couse got stuck since they couldn't climb back up.  They decided rather than ask for help and risk getting in trouble over the weed, they opted to "hide" down there and wait it out.  Which lead to them cowering by some vent (which of course did nothing to conceal them) and pretending not to hear the cops who were telling them to remain calm because the fire department was going to come over with a ladder and get them out.  The fireman actually had to drag them out.  

On the plus side, it's normally a great weekend for the porch at Dominicks.  I'd say that's something we can all support.  

If you go, just remember that on campus is state property and thus state laws on weed apply, not the AA decriminilzation measure.  DPS normally has the dogs out today, so its not a good day to casually carry.  AAPD can also be a bit tougher as well.  Like any other large event in AA, Hash Bash tends to attract out of town visitors, including those who exploit the fact that students tend not to lock doors/windows when partying hard.  So if you look shady, AAPD is very likely to hassle you a bit.  Just don't take it personally, they're just trying to figure out who is here to have a good time and who is here to be sneaking out of living room windows while carrying someone else's laptop.  


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I don't know about pot smoke, but there's a lovely cloud of normal smoke descending upon the Northwood area right now.  Anybody know if North Campus is on fire?


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I'm betting they're doing a controlled burn at one of the city parks/nature areas.  They've been doing them all week, we had one done on Tuesday by where I live.  A shitload of fire sirens did go off at about 10 am though.  

If it is greyish smoke with the smell of woodsmoke or burning leaves though it likely means they're doing a controlled burn along the river or in one of the nature areas north of Plymouth.  

Perkis-Size Me

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I hope for marijuana legalization at some point, but I personally never attended Hash Bash. Something about walking through campus and seeing a bunch of 60-70 year old hippies dressed in their disgusting ponchos looking grimey as hell, looking like they hadn't walked into a barber shop in decades showed me exactly what I didn't want to look like when I grew up.


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and it hasn't changed in all that time. Every stoned loser in the tri-county area descends on Ann Arbor looking for free weed and easy pussy.


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The number of bums and rude a-holes on the street always seemed to increase during hashbash. I don't have an issue with people who use the drug, but I did not like the riff-raff that hashbash brings in.


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...is the one day of the year the student body swings in favor of draconian laws regarding pot.  Once the grounds crew has cleaned up the Diag, everyone returns to a more moderate stance.


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that there have not been any Fab Five threads taken down or locked since beating Florida (and I've never taken down anything Fab Five related, not even a double post).

3/5ths of the diary section currently has stories relating to that era, and Brian has written about it on the front page in addition to at least four or five big threads on the board over the past week.


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No, it's because whatever your position on the matter, in the midst of an amazing tourney run most people are sick of it. But it's really too bad it got deleted; I'm sure it deserved its own post.


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Did you read the comments in the Easter thread, or the explanation in the sticky?

Also, in regards to the Fab Five thing, it is in the sticky but I missed it, so my bad on that. I do disagree that removing a thread on someone's privately owned website (with an explanation included as to why) makes them a Nazi in any form.


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But I was more commenting on the ability of people to civilly discuss breaking the law and the politics of the justice of such laws with no problems, but a happy holiday thread turns into a shitstorm because people can't control themselves.

Apparently atheists need to smoke more pot. Or something.


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I hesitate to give my Steeler fan friends the satisfaction of using anything Mike Tomlin, but his one rule for his players is, "don't be that guy". Much like Dwight when Michael Scott tells him, "don't be an idiot", that's a good line to remember.

You're right, though, we're at the intersection of federalism, War on Drugs, drug abuse in higher education and class conflict (do old hippies constitute a class?) and haven't had any problems, compared to the reaction for a thread where the median reaction probably would have been something like "not doing anything", "my kids hunted eggs" or "went to church".


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A year or more ago someone made a generic almost non-sequitur "dirty hippie" joke and some former or current hippie thought it was hate speech. (Don't know how clean or dirty he was). Made a big deal on why the board was allowing it.

And yes, you would think that if Merry Christmas threads could survive without a peep, Easter as the flip side could. The Easter Bunny was pissed.

(Of course Easter can't survive without peeps)

Wait till I start the Orthadox Easter thread.....