Post Spring Practice Top 25 by CBS Sports

Submitted by Blues Notes on May 1st, 2018 at 5:11 PM… Four Big Ten teams in top 25, three in top 10.




Way too damn early to mean anything.

Did not see any of the teams practice and it is way too damn early anyway.

Games are played for a reason (for cliche lovers).

But it is nice to see the Big Ten and in particular the East Division get national respect, meaningless as it is.








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1. Alabama  2. Clemson  3. Georgia  4. Ohio State  5. Michigan State  6. Wisconsin  7. Penn State  8. Oklahoma  9. Miami (Florida)  10. Auburn  11. Mississippi State  12. Washington  13. Stanford  14. Virginia Tech  15. Michigan  16. USC  17. Notre Dame  18. West Virginia  19.  Boise State  20. Texas  21. Texas A & M  22. Florida  23. Oregon  24. Florida State  25. LSU


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There’s four Big 10 teams in the top ten (4 in the top 7 to be exact) and five in the top 25. Maybe OP meant Big Ten East teams...or maybe he said that and I read it wrong. If so, my apologies.

I don’t understand how anyone can have MSU ranked ahead of us. I’m guessing if the sportsbooks put a line on our game with them right now, we would be favored by more than a touchdown.


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I’m not trying to be a Sparty hater but I mean c’mon. They’re going to have a pretty good team but color me shocked if they finish the season on the top 10. I just don’t get the Lewerke hype at all. Granted I’ve only seen a couple of his games but each time I’ve seen him I haven’t been overly impressed. Am I missing something?


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I’m not trying to make it seem like I don’t think they’ll be good. I fully expect them to have a solid team and for us to be in a dog fight when the time comes. But objectively speaking I just don’t see a top 5 team. Top 15? Edging into the top 10? I can see that. Top 5 I just can’t wrap my head around.


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I think the main argument for MSU is their favorable schedule, as the article points out. They get Michigan and OSU at home. They play PSU and Nebraska on the road. It’s not that hard to see them winning three out of those four and finishing with one conference loss. Even though they aren’t a top 5 team talent wise, their schedule could get them to a good place.

Whole Milk

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It's because these jabronis who write articles like this aren't trying to be accurate based on how good teams actually are, they want to be able to look back on this article a year from now and see that they got a lot right. Journalism is always at its finest when articles are in list form...


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No, I am with you. Lewerke is "fine", he's not "good". He's not a top five QB in the conference. They have no running game. They have decent but not great receivers and a merely competent OL. Their D is stout up the middle with their DTs and Bachie but they have no organic pass rush and their depth at DE and LB is bad. Their CBs are good be overrated and their Ss are mediocre.


At the end of the day they have to be credited for winning 10 games last year. However, it was another one of those classic bullshit Dantonio seasons where they were just a couple bounces from 11-2 (could have easily won that Northwestern game) and just a couple bounces from 4-8 (could have easily lost to Iowa, Us, Minnesota, Indiana, and PSU). I'm just not convinced that they are a tough team, no matter how many starters they return.


I can already see the responses to this - "well I sure wish we would 10 games, even if it's luck", "well they beat us!", and "when are stupid Michigan fans just going to fess up and give MSU credit for winning?" Well, you don't have to give credit without context. MSU wins, but the style in which they do is not convincing and certainly has not persuaded me that they are a skilled outfit. I fully expect us to smack them in EL this year, a la 2016.


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I agree Dr. Giving them credit is one thing. This site goes out of their way to praise them. We to hear “they’ve been in the top 10 for 2 out of the last 3 years,” but it completely ignores they are one season from a 3 win shitshow where they kicked a bunch of rapists and a racist off the team. They are good and they have been good, but they are just a shit team from a horrible city and their fanbase can eat a whole bunch of bags of dicks