Post game presser from coach Harbaugh

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should be interesting


I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone after watching that game



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Blah, blah , blah Jim.  Your best win of the year was over Purdue.  Purdue.  Think about that Jim.  I dont care where you go in the off season or spring break with the team.  Its time to win some games that truly matter.  Not seeing any improvement on the field.  Solid defense that cracks against every good team they play.  Offense is totally lost.  Do you still care Jim Harbaugh?  


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7 and 5.  At Notre Dame, At Michigan State, At Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin.  They're not winning ANY of those games.  So that's 7 and 5 at best.  It's time to stop apologizing for Harbaugh.  He's underachieved big time, and I don't know that Michigan football will ever be in the national championship discussion again.

As a Bears fan, I hope he takes the Bears job.



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...because after today, I found myself wondering about the collective talent level at the skill position. During the game, I wondered aloud, "I don't think DPJ is ever going to be an elite receiver". My fellow UM friends didn't disagree. Perry didn't produce this year. Crawford has been a non factor now for 2 years.  That means that all of our hope is essentially in the Tarik Black basket.

I realize that WR results don't happen in a vacuum; QB issues are noted. I'm hoping this is all going to work out, but I just don't think we've not been given alot of data points that would suggest a positive trend is forthcoming, or even that high hopes are warranted.

Go Blue.


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Meanwhile Boomer Sooner looks like 1984 Arnold in Terminator destroying police station.


Anyway, something is clearly wrong and its way beyond the QB position. Even when Korn, Peters, or Speight deliver the ball to WR/TE, I mean even on the numbers (rare), the ball gets volleyballed into atmosphere off receivers hands. Why? The playing is laughable at this point, and predictable. There are no surprises, no threats from the offense. The defense either gets burned out, just quits or their code gets cracked such that by the 3rd quarter they take a dirt nap.

Just look at our 2018 recruiting class.

Now reanalyze 2018 schedule and even 7-5 seems questionable.

With Harbaugh we were appropriately, dreaming of NT, Big Ten Titles, Rose Bowls, Heismans...but at end of year 3 we are barely competitive. Barely.




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Harbaugh has flat out ruined the offense- he may not have but it’s his staff so it’s on him. Our play calling sucks- run into a wall or require a shitty QB to make an NFL level toss ten yards down field. We don’t have any identity. They just flat out suck


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Lost confidence in Harbaugh & rest of offensive coaches today.
Key play: using the tight end as a fullback on a dive play.
Deep in your own territory.
Result - fumble.
Whoever designed that play should never design another.
Also, sick of Drevno saying O line was improving.
Peters pressured entire game.
Lastly, Metellus should have to run the stadium steps from 5am to 6am for the next 60 days.


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This team has a lot of young receivers and they will get better.  Chesson and Darboh did nothing as Freshmen or Sophmores.  They improved their Junior seasons and were not really good until they were seniors.  This is typical for most receivers transitioning from HS to College.  Even Calvin Johnson was not good during his first year in the Pro's.  It's just how it goes unless you have a once in a decade type talent.

Patterson will help at QB and the line should be better on the interior.  Question mark is Tackle.


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I'd like to hear what he has to say, and I feel terrible for some of the players. Mo Hurst, Winovich, Devin Bush, Gary, etc. They deserve better. They played with a lot of heart. I feel let down for them. I, as a fan, don't deserve anything but to be a fan of those guys.

Looking forward to seeing resolve from these guys, and seeing who has heart. This season was a kick in the nuts.