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"This was embarrassing - we will not come out like this again." - Taylor Lewan

— Michigan Football (@umichfootball) September 14, 2013

"We're not coming out like that again." - Devin Gardner

— Michigan Football (@umichfootball) September 14, 2013

"I'm not going to play a down -- but, we're going to coach our butts off this week." - Coach Hoke

— Michigan Football (@umichfootball) September 14, 2013

"I'm not here to celebrate - we have a lot of work to do." - Taylor Lewan

— Michigan Football (@umichfootball) September 14, 2013

This game certainly should not be an accurate depiction of what the rest of the season holds for us. This is still a very talented team, but like Hoke says, there is still much work to be done before this is a championship team. Between turnovers, the offensive line, and the entire defense, there is certainly much to do, but I am 100% confident that the coaching will come through. I fully expect them to win by four touchdowns next week at UCONN.

And let's never speak of this game ever again. And don't pay attention to the media for the next week.



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in games like this, once you realize you have to step up your effort, it's too late. by that point the underdog is fired up and is going to play the rest of the game at a million percent intensity. I can't imagine anyone on Akron was worried in the fourth quarter about saving energy for the rest of the season. plus the problem with being tight is you end up overcompensating and forcing it and, let's say, throwing three interceptions and fumbling twice.


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I WON'T FUCKING TURN IT OVER 4 times again. He needs to learn how to take a sack or just throw the ball away. He's really starting to remind me of Robinson with these pics and today he was horrific. The OLine was horrific. I was stunned Hoke didn't as so much give Morris a nod. That's how serious this game got. Defense looked horrible in the secondary giving up at least a little over 300 yards passing. Here's my question though, why did we stop running Fitz??? It was working!!! If its not broke don't fix it and he was blasting through the line yet we continued to go to the air. I blame this loss all on coaching. Was unprepared and not ready for Akron's game plan. Idk WTF happened but Gardner and this whole team have a lot of work to do. No reason in hell it should have been this close. None. We did get the W though. That's now 16-0 home game wins that Hoke now has at home. Thank God for that. Learn from this, fix the errors and get ready for UConn. GO BLUE. Kudos to Akron for a well played out gameplay though.


September 15th, 2013 at 6:50 AM ^

Two of his best carries got called back (holding).

Oline and dline play definitely starting to concern me. Instead of what I thought was a dominant team is starting to look like a very beatable team. Unless D Gardener is playing out his ass, who are we?


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was that we got outplayed on each side of the ball particularly on the lines, but also extending to the secondary, by a team as bad as that. This was way worse than a letdown game should be. In fact, IMO we were very lucky to win. Ugh.


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I love DG and am happy to have him. But this turnover problem is now a trend, not an outlier. 6 INT's in three games, and it would be 7 without that ND one that got called back. Accuracy issues also popped up again as well. He is a great talent and will be great, but the Heisman hype was way overboard, and this game shows that.

EDIT: apolgies for double post.


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The players recognize they lucked out. This was the epitome of a "let down' game.  Let's hope they learn from it and move forward.  You can't let a game beat you twice, especially one in which you won that you probably shouldn't have.


After all, this is a team that beat a quality/good ND team. 


September 14th, 2013 at 4:32 PM ^

This was for the most part an experienced Akron team especially on the line and Akron changed their game plan - they slowed down their tempo etc but we definitely played like we were in a hangover haze from the ND game.


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You know what ALWAYS happens after all of the "this will never happen again" talk? The exact same fucking thing happens the next week. Mark my words, we will be tearing our hair out again on this blog next saturday as UConn's offense piles up countless hundreds of yards through the air and our running game averages 2 ypc.


September 14th, 2013 at 7:35 PM ^

To this specifically, as someone said, one aberration does not a pattern make. Further, UConn has the 95th best rush defense in Division I and was an underdog to Maryland today, I believe. A meager 2.0 YPC is not a likelihood when - even with today's numbers included - we're average 5.0 YPC as a team. It would take a significant collapse and I don't see what you see there. 


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Is it just me or do our lines suck?  Barry Sanders would have a hard time running behind our O-line.  Our D-line didn't put much pressure on Akron's O-line most of the game.  Terrible.


September 14th, 2013 at 4:39 PM ^

The defense is starting to be very concerning. Why do we play this bend don't break crap? The corners are 10 yards off most of the time. We get gutted up the middle routinely. We play weak zones that allow repeated 3rd down conversions. And to top it off we can't get to the qb without blitzing.

Borges used to get a lot of heat running a offense he's never ran before with Denard at qb. Gmatt always gets high praise(and he deserves a lot) but never catches any slack for performances like this. Hopefully this is some medicine we need to bounce back strong, but I'm backing off my undefeated season talk.

NW scares the mess out of me now!