Post Camp Rumblings and Nuggets.

Submitted by MichiganMan14 on August 31st, 2016 at 12:05 AM

We're almost there folks.  Crazy how fast the offseason can go.  I'll try to keep this short and sweet but I got some clarification to some of the rumors and performance evaluations that weve been seen suggested over the last few weeks.  

*Speight is legit and has simply done a great job.  He won the spot plain and simple.  O'korn is going to be a hell of a backup.  There is a walk-on QB that is tearing it up also. Not sure of his name...but Harbaugh has taken notice.

* Amarah Darboh is making a leap.  He has been described as a "man" out there and may challenge Jehu for top shotta in the WR stable.  Darboh's strength and hands have been setting him apart this camp.  

* The freshman recievers are the real deal.  McDoom is turning heads and will play.  Nate Johnson is more than holding his own but the jewel of them all is Kekoa.  He has been as advertised and should factor into the rotation right away.    

* Devin Asiasi is going to play and is standing out in a crowded TE group.  His size and athleticism is showing and he has big time potential.  

* There is much news in terms of Running Back.  Deveon is your starter.  Ty has had a solid camp and is the #2.  The Chris Evans hype is real and he has flashed quite a bit in camp.  He will see snaps in 3rd down situations and has a terrific knack for route running.  Higdon is finally back after a meniscus operation that shelved him for the past 2 months and a battle with mono (contracted while volunteering in nursing home in spring).  He will factor in the rotation and has hit the ground running well the last week.  Higdon is the strongest back on the team and is also likley the fastest.  There is an medical hiccup with Drake and I wont divulge how severe or minor it is at this time.   There is no positive news to report of Kareem Walker and Evans was moved to RB for a reason.  

* There is certainly a confidence with this group.  They realize that they have everything to play for this year.  They also realize that Michigan State and Ohio State are the mountains in the way.  

* Aside from Drake's issue there are no notable medical developments. Team is banged up because Harbaugh practices them like Harbaugh practices.  They are very anxious to put some actualization to the hype.  Tune in should be fun.


If any of this was redundant or not interesting I apologize.  I'm just sharing some info I've gotten the past week or so.  Go Blue!!!



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at this point, we just need more positive buzz to support our over-the-top expectations. Sourcing only gets in the way of a good story. In any case, this blog is about investigating and then validating those kind of reports with our first judgment looming Saturday. I think the expectations are higher than 2006.


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Here we go again, lol.

The natural of insider tidbits, by definition, is they are going to be anonymously sourced. All you have is the reputation of the insider and your own spidey sense about how plausible it sounds. Anyone who's able to name a source is not getting anything with the submarine except for some generic coachspeak.