Possible suspensions/shenanigans for Nebraska

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Sources also report that the incident was not reported to police, and is being handled internally by the coaching staff and University. While there have been no official statements made by the school or team, sources tell us that it is likely that Suttles and Brown will  be suspended indefinitely with Santos, Rose, and others facing less severe charges.


From what I'm hearing from Cornhusker faithful, Santos would be a huge loss but he shouldn't be looking at a major suspension. Still interesting, and if these heavy rumors turn out to be true, good on Pelini for trying to keep things in line.


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I am jaded by the mere prospect of the NCAA and any inkling of possible suspensions. Sounds like this is an internal matter, though, and bless the Big Ten for maintaining a shred of dignity  in today's college football world.


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"Following up on our earlier report, sources have informed Husker Corner that the incident in question took place at the home of LB David Santos. All of the before mentioned players were celebrating the 21st birthday of Santos when an altercation between players broke out. Sources tell us that linebacker Thomas Brown and defensive lineman Ernest Suttles were involved in a fight with each other at the party. Defensive back Jonathan Rose and other players are also named to have also been involved."

So basically fight between drunk football players?  Not quite sure this has reached shenanigans status.  Back in the late 70's when I was in school this was considered SOP for a Friday night in the off season.


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part of trying to drink every beer in Munc.... er... Lincoln (or A2 for that matter).  No 5'10", 160 lb non-athlete was pushed around.  No hockey players were blindsided/maimed.  No girls were intimidated or hurt.  I'm also pretty sure "indefinitely suspended" means "lots of suffering between now and reinstatement prior to Fall workouts".  Whateva.


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by Bo Pelini.

Brown is a strongside linebacker redshirt freshman who didn't play due to injury and Suttles is a  DE who played as a true freshman.

Pelini said they won't be allowed back with the team. This is very consistent with how he's handled this sort of thing. And there haven't been many incidents during his 5 years.

Good catch by Drkboarder, I upvoted you for hearing about it before I did.