A possible situation with Calvin Magee

Submitted by Korean Wolverine20 on January 9th, 2010 at 7:42 PM

So, with the possibility of Calvin Magee becoming the next HC at USF, how does that affect us recruiting wise? I'm not sure if Magee is that good of a recruiter (which he probably is) but what happens if he takes Rod Smith or Tony Dews, possibly 2 of our top 3 recruiters, with him? Or worse, both O.O?


Simi Maquoketa

January 9th, 2010 at 7:59 PM ^

Since we're going to have at least 5000 threads on something that has a very minscule chance of happening, if Calvin Magee takes the job, Michigan is doomed.

I've heard they will consider tearing down The Glick and replacing it with a larger parctice facility dedicated to nothing but women's sports.


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According to a FSU booster I met who appears to be pretty high on the food chain, Bowden was coaching at Northern Alabama because he wanted to be "current" again so his family could to circumvent Jimbo Fisher and have him replace his dad. This may or may not be true, but the way it was presented to me made a lot of sense.

If it was true, it obviously didn't work out. Either way, I would imagine that Bowden, like 99 percent of humanity, will be happy to entertain an offer for a better job.


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A co-worker is a big Auburn booster. When I asked him this same question years ago, he was surprised -- he thought "the scandal" was widely known. As the story goes, Terry was "friendly" with the co-ed daughter of an enormous Auburn booster (apparently the guy whose private jet is used by the Auburn athletic department from time to time when they want to fly incognito). Out of the blue she got pregnant, went to California, had the baby, and returned. Then, Terry and his wife adopted a baby (you're supposed to connect the dots and assume Terry adopted the child he fathered with the college gal). This was all news to me, but my co-worker assures me it's true. I've seen the same story reported a few times in blogs when Bowden's name comes up for a vacant position.

Either that, or it was just the 1-5 start to the 1998 season that did him in.

Edit: at least part of the story is confirmed here: http://apse.dallasnews.com/contest/2003/writing/100-250/100-250.news.fi…. Of course, it's an inconsequential part. The guy with the supposedly knocked-up daughter is Bobby Lowder, and the Auburn president and AD used his jet to fly to Louisville when they tried to hire Petrino (which they tried to do under the radar since, you know, they hadn't actually yet fired Tuberville)


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D'oh! Got my Bowden boys mixed up.

Interesting story about Bowden and Lowder's daughter. It reminds me of the story at Colorado back in the '90s when Bill McCartney was coach there. IIRC, Buffalo QB Sal Aunese knocked up Mr. Promise Keeper McCartney's daughter, and then not too long after, Aunese died from some serious disease (no, not Bill McCartney's shotgun).


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If Leach does go the OC route, I would assume he would go to a team with a defensive leaning head coach so he could have complete control of the offense.


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More likely Leach will go be an NFL OC for a few. The NFL doesn't care how quirky you are or what rules you break, so long as you win. And the players have a union, high priced lawyers and, well, guns. No worries about Leach abusing anyone.


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Imagine the outcry if Barwis went with Magee!!

Seriously though, I imagine Calvin Magee moves to USF (a good fit, IMO) and Rod Smith moves up to OC. I would be shocked and discouraged if CM took coaches with him - then 2010 would be another guaranteed year of excuses.

I think Herb Hand of Tulsa is going to get a promotion. He's the OC there, and he's part of the RichRod coaching tree. I imagine Magee might try to hire him, or alternatively, RichRod would try to hire him to replace Magee.


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Magee could take someone with him, but it probably wouldn't be the "most valuable" guys on the staff. For example, if both Rodriguez and Magee wanted Rod Smith to be the offensive coordinator, I'd imagine that Smith would choose to be Michigan's OC rather than USF's.