Mr. Yost

January 10th, 2018 at 7:36 PM ^


But because he's qualified for the position as a current RB coach with experience as a RB coach, something Jay Harbaugh was not.

Him being an alum would be HUGE on the recruiting trail considering he's a dynamic personality that will connect with young people. Mainly young, African-American young people...which you know, comprise a good amount of our football team.

He adds diversity to a staff of primarily white men. Yes, I said it. He would also continue to add youth...something Jay Harbaugh adds to the staff, someone who listens to the same music and Snapchats and is current in all the same things the guys on the team are in to. Diversity in race AND in age is a good thing. Some recruits want a dad, some want the route to the NFL, some want a friend, some want the experienced vet, you need a little bit of everything.

Not only is he a young, black, alum who's a RB coach, but he's played in the NFL, somewhat recently. And when he was at Michigan...he was winning, he was a finalist for Doak Walker's, All-American awards, even the Heisman. He's got CREDENTIALS.

Want more? He basically followed Wheatley to EMU, then to Syracuse. Want more? He's been at both Eastern and Western Michigan...meaning he can recruit the state, something we're struggling (relatively speaking) with post-Tyrone Wheatley.

But, by all means...dismiss him because he went to Michigan and you're tired of the whole "Michigan Man" thing.

This isn't Scot Loeffler, it's not even Kurt Anderson...this actually makes sense. No matter what angle you come at it, Mike Hart isn't a name we should skip over just because he wore a winged helmet. Jim Harbaugh wore it too...I'm thankful like heck he's the head coach. He better be qualified first, but being a "Michigan Man" is an added bonus. Not a requirement.

If Mike Hart went to Alabama...half the people who say "WHY? Because he went to Michigan" would be jumping for joy to get a candidate like him. He would KILL it recruiting wise at Michigan, in a role (RB coach) that is just as much recruiter as it is coach.

KC Wolve

January 10th, 2018 at 6:24 PM ^

If we hire 3 recruiting coordinators, at least one has to be a good recruiter right!!!! Like I said about the last guy that I have never heard of, you can coach tying your fucking shoes for all I care as long as you bring in dudes.


January 10th, 2018 at 6:35 PM ^

The confusion on the offensive side of the ball needs as much attention as the recruiting, if not moreso.  Get the right OC and put other assistants where they truly shine and more and better recruits may follow.

Pep leaving for the NFL would be a welcome event. Along with Drevno focusing 100% on the offensive line.


January 10th, 2018 at 6:41 PM ^

The window is fast closing.

Recruiting requires that knowledge that so-and-so is my OC and this is how he sees your role. Does he favor tailbacks? TEs? All passing?

I am beginning to believe no offense coaching changes are going to happen.

Maybe JH is willing to give his staff another year or there are no other good people available (in his vision).