Possibility of recruiting against OSU backfiring?

Submitted by go16blue on July 24th, 2011 at 12:09 AM
We've heard a lot recently about teams, Michigan included, using potential OSU sanctions as a recruiting tool to pry away OSU recruits like Kalis and possibly Dunn. But with recent news that the NCAA didnt find anything new, the possibility remains that OSU gets off easy at their upcoming hearings. If this happens, what happens to our recruits? Would guys like Kalis reconsider their decision (especially when one of the biggest reasons he commited here was upcoming OSU sanctions)? Thoughts?



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We were going to recruit all of those guys really, really hard anyway. The fact that OSU sanctions may have made it a little easier to get them isn't really a factor. We were going after them.

If they are the type that would decommit for OSU because the sanctions weren't as bad as expected, then they were never going to play hard for M anyway, so... whatever.


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He didn't owe them anything. Even Kalis mentioned that he only lived in ohio for 2 1/2 years and was not raised an osu fan. He himself didn't understand the insane reactions when he decommitted.

This has not given the insane in this wasteland any pause in their hope that he suffers a life changing injury.



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He doesn't owe me shit. I don't care were he goes--Michigan, LSU, USC--it doesn't matter. I want kids to come to Ohio State like Curtis Grant, all in, not half in/half out. If sanctions deter him, then he wasn't the right kid for OSU at this time, and him coming here and trying to gut it out would have been bad for everyone if his heart wasn't in it.


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If they are the type that would decommit for OSU because the sanctions weren't as bad as expected, then they were never going to play hard for M anyway, so... whatever

Fans always say things like this, but I don't think there's anything to it. A lot of recruits have a very difficult time choosing between schools because they like a lot of them. The smallest factor can put one over the top. They'll play hard for wherever they end up.


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But, the post speculates that the recruits may have really wanted to play for OSU and flaked ONLY because of the potential NCAA hits. That's a different case. If you were a buckeye at heart, you'd have a hard time putting everything into the Maize & Blue.

Keep in mind that I'm not criticizing any kid for making any choice. I hope they all find great success wherever they go, and they all have the right to change their minds as they care to. I'm simply saying if your heart is really set on somewhere, and you play for their archrival for reasons totaly and only beyond your control, that's going to affect how much you love playing.


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Yes they won't play as hard because NFL GM's and scouts will say things like "shows a lack of effort on the field, but that's okay he really just wanted to go to another school.". Please check what you're saying before you type it. Otherwise you might sound really dumb.


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Guys like Kalis and Strobel, their spots weren't going anywhere. They could have waited and gotten a better idea of what the punishments would be, see how they do with Fickell, take some more visits, etc. Instead they chose Michigan. That means a lot.

I'm not worried about any of the Ohio kids looking at OSU. All of them seem to have made their choice because they preferred Michigan anyway.


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I guess it might play a role with a guy like Dunn, but I doubt Kalis would ever want to go back to OSU seeing as how the treated him on his way out.


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"Coach, I'm just calling to let you know I've decided to go to Michigan State"

"Well, son, I certianly hope you find a lot of success out there."

At OSU,they do it the Buckeye way -

"I called coach Hoke from the 50 yard line to tell him I was coming to Michigan."

"I hope he tears his ACL."

Ugh... buckeyes.


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The entire underlying premise of your post might be incorrect i.e. you are assuming because some tOSU message boards said Michigan's coaches were using the sanctions to 'negative' recruit, that this premise is true.  

Its quite possible that these kids looked at the situation, the loss of an icon (to OHIO) of Tressel and simply started paying attention to Hoke, etal and they didn't need to threaten sanctions of whatever.  The most difficult job for any recruiter (salesperson) is getting your foot in the door.  One you are in the door, if you have a good product, you might just have a customer (commit).

I'm not too worried.  Add to the fact that the NCAA didn't come out and say, "OSU is innocent, we have closed all investigations, there is nothing to see here.  Please move along."  They said, "Tatgate and tressal lying appear to be the only things involved with THIS situation."  The overall situation will likely lay the foundation for how school's handle future serious violations - if the NCAA comes down lightly, then the lesson learned is 1) coach and student athlete take all the blame; 2) make sure coach and student athlete land very lightly on their feet in a better position.  If the NCAA comes down hard, the lesson becomes - be  honest and forthright with the NCAA and we will take mercy on the soul of your institution.


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I doubt it.  With the exception of Kalis, many of the rest of our recruits chose us over OSU.  With Kalis, he committed to OSU at the beginning of his junior year -- it's likely he never considered M that seriously before.  Now that he's chosen us, I think he stays.  Tom even said that Kalis felt very bad about decommitting and didn't want to do it again.  If the sanctions are light it will most likely lessen our chances at poaching Dunn, but I think the commits we have will stay committed.  I'd be worried if I were MSU, though, as Se'Von Pittman's comments upon his commitment were anything but reassuring.


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Why, for example, would Kalis go play for a fanbase from whom many were wishing an torn ACL on him?  It's bad enough from where I sit.  I can't imagine how pissed I'd be if I was in his shoes.  

I'm pretty sure, though, that I'd be dreaming of beating them four times and shoving the ACL from a biology dummy up some asses.


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They don't find out on August 12th if the NCAA accepts their self-punishment.  That comes in about November I think.  From what Tom has said, it sounds like for sure if OSU has any kind of bowl ban, which is still possible/somewhat likely, that Dunn will look elsewhere, and we'd be at the top of that list.

probably be best to know either way as soon as possible, but damn if we arent short on non-QB skill players

not too worried about kalis.  tressel is still gone, and despite what osu fans would have you believe, i dont think decomitting in his situation was shady at all

Mr Mackey

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The only recruit this could affect for us is Dunn, as light punishment would make it very hard for us to get him. We shouldn't be worried about any of our guys


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I think that folks are (probably naturally) combining the bizarre news of "no additional allegations" with the concern of possible light punishment.  Given the way the NCAA has come down lately on much lighter violations, I think that OSU is still going to get crushed.  Granted, it seems that when the AD stops giving written reports of football compliance; it's kinda the definition of lack of institutional control, but...

The NCAA is going with what they can prove and they have solid violations to pounce upon.  Will their decision affect any recruits?  Maybe, but things are going so well for us that it doesn't really matter.


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I think we'll be just fine, thanks.  

Wherever they  go, I am sure these kids will play hard. This is what they've worked for, and I doubt they would waste that opportunity regardless of where it is. If they stick with Michigan, all the better, for many of these Ohio-based kids would look awesome in the winged helmets. 

Further, if you were Kalis and aware of what the Bucknuts crowd was saying, would YOU show your face in  Columbus?


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Regardless of what has recently come out I still think the NCAA hits them with the repeat offender rule. They almost have to otherwise whatever credibility the NCAA had left goes up in smoke.


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It seemed that Kalis had more negitive things to say about OSU than positive things to say about Michigan when he announced for the third time where he was going to play college ball. All fan bases at major programs bless those that choose them and curse those that pick otherwise. Personally, if the kid isn't a true-blue Buckeye, then let him play for someone else and God speed.


July 24th, 2011 at 8:42 AM ^

Per a rivals ($) article Dwayne Stanford gave a top 5 in order that did not include Mich.  The guys who have been following him say its a strange top 5 since LSU and Bama are his top 2 and he has barely mentioned them ever.


Like I said, not enough pts to start thread, but this seem like a decent thread to post it in, being about Ohio recruits n all.


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Kyle Kalis also said he wanted to choose a program with stability, and to know he would have the same coach for his entire college career. Nobody knows who will coach Ohio State next year.


July 25th, 2011 at 10:57 AM ^

When compared to OSU... yeah, it's currently far more stable.


At the end of the year, we know who our Head Coach is still going to be, and odds are the majority of the assitants will still be around as well.    Now, if we compare that to OSU... well, there is a very different situation going on.   We don't know who the head coach is going to be at the end of the year, and because of that we don't know which, if any, of the assistant coaches will be there next year as welll.


So, while Michigan's head coaching staff isn't as stable as say Oklahoma or Alabama... it is currently far more stable than OSU's


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Buckeye fans want us to believe Coach Hoke is promising recruits a 3 year bowl ban.  Can you imagine what this would do for his credibility?

Hoke -- Kyle, you don't want to play for Ohio...they will get a 3 year bowl ban at minimum.  I promise you that young fella.

Kyle  -- wow, I want to play in a bowl game Coach Hoke.  I really like OSU but I think I'll decomitt and join you at Michigan.  Are you positive there will be a 3 year bowl ban?  You know, because this is a major life decision for me.

Hoke -- you bet ya son...3 year bowl ban at minimum!

Kyle -- OK Coach Hoke, based on this information I'm a Wolverine.

NCAA adds one one year of probation but no bowl ban.

Kyle walks into Coach Hoke's office -- WTF Coach Hoke?  I thought you said 3 year bowl ban?

Hoke -- umm..well...you know..we're going to play physical...and we're going to have a toughness...uh, we're get to win multiply Big Ten championships....

Kyle -- see ya.

Do those morons really want us to believe Coach Hoke is lying to recruits knowing that they don't have to sign until after the NCAA makes its decision?  Fucking idiots.


July 24th, 2011 at 10:38 AM ^

Kalis made it sound like his concern is the coaching changes. It will be hard to sell recruits on a program that will be changing coaches again ina year or 2. Most kids want to be with a coach for their whole college run. OSU hasn't instilled a confidence that Fickell will be back and the fans are already running the boards with who the next coach is. These kids have to think through going to OSU with wondering who the coach will be. Most kids going to Michigan know Hoke will be given 3 years(see Rodriguez) at minimum.