Possibility of a Larger than Expected 2015 Class?

Submitted by Drew_Silver on January 22nd, 2015 at 1:20 PM

The current conventional wisdom has UofM pulling between 12-15 recruits for this cycle.

Does anyone expect Harbaugh to go higher maybe up to 18-20 range?  Possibly granting some grey-shirt scholarship offers?  Or preferred walk on status?  

off topic question: Does Ty Wheatley Jr get free or discounted admission as his father is a UofM employee?

I know everyone hates the idea of oversigning, but isn't it very likely there will be some level of attrition once spring / fall practices begin in earnest?  I would not be schocked to see 3-5 kids leave the program in a normal year, let alone a year in which there is a coaching change.




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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure his daughter went to ND on an athletic full ride.  Additionally, I don't know where he went, but I'm also somewhat sure that his son didn't go ND.

(source - not a creepy Mattison stalker, just used to ball boy Michigan women's basketball games with Lisa)

The_Mad Hatter

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"Not only was Mattison successful, his relationship with head coach Lloyd Carr was superb. That's why so many Michigan fans were surprised when Mattison bolted in December.

He said his No. 1 reason for leaving was that his daughter Lisa (now a junior in high school) could attend Notre Dame tuition-free. At Michigan, children of university employees don't receive a waiver."



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I looked it up and Lisa did end up getting a full-ride scholarship to play softball at Notre Dame.  It stinks that number 1 reason he left Michigan for Notre Dame ended up being a completely moot point in the end.

Regardless, certainly sounds like it's still a policy Michigan should seriously consider changing.


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It comes up regularly, the faculty have petitioned the U to change the policy, and the answer always is 1) it's too expensive, and 2) our benefits are competitive. It is very expensive, but "competitive" depends on whom you want to be compared to. Harvard provides free tuition to the children of faculty, to go anywhere they want, not just Harvard. Not sure if that applies to the children of employees of Harvard who aren't faculty. 


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Probably not a moot point as the NCAA has a limit of 12 scholarships per school for division 1 softball. What's a softball roster, 30 players or so? Vast majority of nonrevenue sports only give partial scholarships, so the rest of her aid package was probably covered by the employee benefit.

oriental andrew

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I'd say that most private universities offer this benefit, or at least a significant discount on tuition for spouses and children. Most public universities do not. 

My father used to work on staff at the Emory Clinic (part of Emory University) for about 15 years. When he couldn't convince either my older sister or me to attend Emory (free tuition!), he quit and focused on his private practice. 


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It what is supposed to happen does happen. Then it might happen. But what doesn't happen doesn't happen it still could happen. Potentially none of this is going to happen. But it is also possible that potentially what won't happen could happen.

Monkey House

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not sure about over signing but I agree that there will be 3-5 players that will transfer out by May. if we get Gentry, Clark and Weber I don't think you could ask for anything better than that.


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Anybody with any kind of scholarship counts against the football team's number if they are on the football team. Otherwise, nothing would be stopping Michigan from giving academic scholarships, etc. to kids just to get them to play football.

If Wheatley were to attend Michigan as purely a student, he could do so for free because of his dad's employment with the university.

But if he attends Michigan and plays football, there will only be 84 other scholarships available.


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If I understand Magnus correctly, they do offer free tuition to the children of employees. However, if your are receiving said benefit and play a scholarship sport, said benefit counts against the scholarships for that sport.

Edit: From other comments, Magnus may be wrong . . . but I'll never believe it!


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"If Wheatley were to attend Michigan as purely a student, he could do so for free because of his dad's employment with the university."

This doesn't look like a general hypothetical about the NCAA, it looks like it's about Michigan, and it's not true. Believe me, I have several friends still on faculty there who gripe about it. 


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I less under the impression you could be on the team with an academic scholarship, however as soon as you play it counts towards the 85. I seem to remember this coming up with Alabama's Bear Bryant scholarships for his players children that often gave them some wiggle room.


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If Wheatley were to attend Michigan as purely a student, he could do so for free because of his dad's employment with the university.

That's not true.  Multiple posters seem very confident that there is no discount at all for children of UM employees.  And even if there is a discount, I'm almost positive that it's not 100%.  That would be insane.