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“I’m not a betting man, but I never bet against myself,” Newsome said. “If I had to put money on it, I’ll be back in the spring, at least in a limited capacity, and then full-go for fall camp. There’s where we’re progressing. Each thing we’ve been able to accomplish, it’s improved those odds.


“We went from basically being 99.9 percent that I would never play again that first morning after the surgery to now where even the most conservative of my doctors would say they’re favorable odds. It’s all trended well. We haven’t had any big setbacks. I feel very, very confident that I will be on the field.”



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Even if he's never what we once hoped he would be, this will still be huge from an inspirational standpoint and its effect on the rest of the team.

People have been pissing and moaning about Harbaugh not working his o-line magic yet, but watch out for this class of guys that redshirted this year.

And while Patterson is likely to get his exemption and play and be great, don't sleep on McCaffrey either.

Let the past negativity die. Kill it.

The future in Ann Arbor is as bright as the sun shining on fresh snow.


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I will bawl my eyes out if he gets a chance to get back into the game.

As someone who was in a horrible accident at the exact same age, and given very grim prognosis, and worked for years to get back to basic exercise (with some limitations), along with pain management, I have so much emotional energy seeing people who went through similar experiences fight back and recover (to whatever degree) their own health/abilities.

He seems in great spirits, and with the medical docs at Michigan, he has some of the best care in the world (truly, research docs and ambitious surgeons get into medicine for just these specific types of cases).


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Few things would improve the outlook for next season as significantly as seeing a full-go Grant Newsome playing well in spring practice. 

Regardless, amazing to see him recovering well!

Mr. Owl

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Just seeing him even able to suit up & possibly take the field is huge.  I wouldn't count on him being at the same level he was pre-injury, but I wouldn't count him out.  I wonder if switching to the right side could help with protecting that leg a bit.


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It will totally depend on the nature of his injury/surgeries.

If the injury was primarily about the artery and compartment syndrome, then he should have a really good shot at getting back to pre-injury physicality and thus able to practice without limitations.

If he had significant cruciate damage, patellar damage, basically tendons and ligments, then it will be tougher. 

His playing position, barring meniscus and articular cartilage damage, should also lend itself to being slightly easier to return to (Lineman aren't often asked to full-out sprint). Kick-slide shouldn't be a problem.


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He won't have played or even practiced for, what, two years?

This is a personal story for me at this point; if he makes a full recovery that's good news for him.  I am trying hard to avoid any expectations for next season re: Newsome.  Any hopes that he'll even be back to where he was before the injury in terms of development is unrealistic pressure he doesn't deserve.


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Yeah, I'm cautiously optimistic. It's not that difficult to put muscle back on your body if you've had it before, but is that enough to be competitive at the position now or will the additional strength and mass gains from other oline leave him on the outside looking in? I guess we'll find out. I truly hope he plays and they do a full feature on him during our championship run.


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I loved the article and his attitude. Great to see him doing so well, but wow..... To go through what he did and expect to come back 2 years later and play at a B1G level at OT??? I really have my doubts.

Would love nothing better then Grant to prove me wrong though. 100% behind you Grant keep up the work and good luck in the future no matter what direction it takes you, you will be a success with your work ethic.


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Grant seems to be making these statements based on what his doctors are telling him. The fact that he is discussing plans to play at the NFL level tells me that the specialists treating him also think it's a strong possibility that he can recover well enough for his body to physically take that on.

That's very encouraging news, IMO. The biggest question seems to be his rate of recovery rather than whether he actually WILL recover to the point of playing his position. Here's [hoping and praying that his recovery progresses well and he can contribute on the 2018 team.


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I get that part, but I disagree that's Newsome's trajectory.  By his word he still has a real shot to play at a high level, and I'm OK with believing that.  Long term he may even just might be a BETTER player (dunno the odds but it's not zero), and any timetable should take that possibility into account.  For that reason, though, Harbaugh shouldn't put him on the field prematurely for gooshyfeels.  Not out of concern for injury, but just that he's got more rust to shake off than a shed full of abandoned projects.  He's already inspiring enough; first time he sees the field it should because the coaches think he can stay in front of a DE, and that's a long way ahead of simply being medically cleared to play.  May not happen at all in '18, but a lot of that is up to Newsome and luck.


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I know that a lot of people question this anymore, but I'm not one of them - Harbaugh will not start Newsome if he doesn't earn it in practice.

If he isn't up to par with the other OL, he may get a feel-good start against some no-name team at home.  And he'll probably get a few plays for the ovation - he's earned that, already.  But he will not take majority PT before the game is decided unless he earns it by beating out his competition for the position.


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On the other hand he's be a coach, basically, for two years. He probably understands the OL and offense in general as well as anyone right now. If he comes back 80-90% physically, but has a mental mastery of the game, he could still very much be a viable option. Maybe not at LT, but RT or on the interior.


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this is potentially key. Newsome was doing well mentally when the injury occured, despite being only a true sophomore (IIRC). Now, with two years of dedicated mental prep, he could be very advanced in that area. And let's be honest, Michigan's struggles on the OL of late seem to have been far more often mental (picking up stunts, missed assignments, etc.) than being unable to hack it physically. So having that mental aspect could potentially overcome some physical deficiencies and help him become a soid contributor. Only time will tell. 

Denard P. Woodson

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It would obviously be great for the team if he returns to his old form or better.


But even if he can't reach that level, I hope he can at least get back on the field for a bit in mop up duty.


You've got to want to see that kind of heart and effort be rewarded.


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If Newsome is allowed to practice in the spring even if it’s just in skulls or a limited capacity, that is nothing short of a miracle. If he can do that and be cleared for contact by fall camp then we have a serious reason to be optimistic about the tackle position next year (and land Anderson and NPF and you can pretty much guarantee we’ll be decent at OT).


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Like Newsome said I'm certainly not betting against him and the story is increbile. But even Grant is saying he doesn't expect to be the same physically when he plays again.  He's planning on working around it but he isn't going to be the same player even if he can play again. He admits that, I think counting on him at all is asking for dissapointment regarldess of what happens in spring ball.

But I'll never be happier to be wrong if he is a successful starting LT next year.


January 16th, 2018 at 9:55 AM ^

Terrific quotes from Grant. 

I'm guilty of doubting he can play at the same level, but I'm convinced that he has done everything possible to give it a real shot. I'm rooting for him harder than ever!

KO Stradivarius

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It's all good.  What a fine young man.  Even if he isn't the player he once was, the team still benefits from having him around.  If he does return to be an above average LT, then that is a bonus, and hopefully he'll make it in the NFL. 


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As a multiple, and then some, knee surgery patient, the mental part of trusting it is every bit as difficult as the physical aspect. Good luck, Grant. However it ends up, I'll be a fan. Looking forward to see you pancake Sparty and Brutus


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Count me in the crowd that thought playing football wasn't in his future.  And on this count, I will happily - gleefully - admit I was wrong!  Prove me wrong, Grant!!!

What a great story this is.  Aside from probably playing again, just to come back and be able to get on the field to compete for a spot is HUGE after an injury like he had.  I can only imagine the Standing-O he'll get when he trots out there for that first play...


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The way Newsome speaks - he's smarter than the average bear, by a long shot.  (I know, I know - you can't say articulate.  But he's very articulate.)  I really hope he can get back on the field and stay healthy, but I have a hunch he'll be extremely successful in whatever he does.


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Articulate, when used in reference to a black person (especially an athlete) is sometimes construed as implying most black people are not. Honestly, it probably was implied subconciously-so 20 years ago.

Nevertheless, after reading the article I'm not doubting him playing one bit. Determined and well thought young man. If most people had his outlook on debate, society would be much more civil.


January 16th, 2018 at 1:42 PM ^

Encouraging to think that what was once such a good, specific, and complimentary word for someone who was able to put words together spontaneously and cogently (assuming intelligence, but something more) could re-enter normal usage. It was always meant to be a compliment, but its "code word" usage turned that around, implying an element of surprise. 

It would probably say something about the growth of our society if we could use it again as a good old-fashioned expression of admiration.


January 16th, 2018 at 10:43 AM ^

To expand on Carpetbagger's point a bit, historically (even in very recent history), it has been used as a "compliment" beyond black athletes and applied to educated/success black people in ways it would rarely be applied to similary educated/successful white people (think Biden's description of Obama as "articulate and bright" or Chris Rock's insightful riff on Colin Powell in the 90s). It's very much a damning with faint praise/soft bigotry of low expectations situation.


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At Christmas my wife's dad's wife (I don't call him "father-in-law" and we definitely don't call her "stepmom") was speaking about her friend's adopted son, "He's black, but he's suuuch a great little kid..."

She was completely oblivious to our jaws dropping to the floor. Particularly odd, especially considering she has two grandchildren herself that are half African-american.

Does nothing to change our opinion of her because she's always been "The Other Woman" and a homewrecker. #lessthanzero


January 16th, 2018 at 12:54 PM ^

I haven't heard it on TV in so long I'm assuming it's programmed out of society for the most part. The 90s was a whole generation ago.

I give older people a pass on most comments such as this. My Mother is in her mid 70s, and treats everyone the same personally, without fail. But damn if she doesn't say some of the most outrageously politically incorrect things at times, without any malice at all.

Tools Of Ignorance

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but if he walked off under his own power would be truly courageous. If he plays again, good on him. I'll be rooting for him and his personal accomplishment.

I'll never hold his feet to the fire to "help our OL issues" because what he's dealing with is so much bigger than what we're "rooting" for.


January 16th, 2018 at 10:51 AM ^

Incorrect, though I suspect you're confusing events.  Grant definitely walked off the playing field on his own - nobody was touching him or helping him walk off.  After that, he was put on the meat wagon and driven 'off the field' into the tunnel to the medical facilities.

He has said that he wanted to walk on his own because he didn't want his mother to worry about him...