Posey, Herron, Hall Suspension for Nebraska confirmed by Smith

Submitted by Michael Scarn on October 3rd, 2011 at 4:23 PM

Not totally new information from the topic below, but confirmation via a Smith presser that Posey, Herron and Hall will be out for Nebraska for being overcompensated in a summer job they held with the guy who handed out cash envelopes at the charity event, Bobby DiGeronimo. Mostly small amounts of money, a couple hundred bucks, but Posey received over $700 and will face a longer suspension.  Don't worry though, he'll almost certainly be back by the time they come to Ann Arbor!

Unclear whether the pay occured this summer while they were already under investigation or in years past.



"I am held accountable," Smith said. "That's why I'm sitting here today. We have to constantly work with our student athletes to educate them about accountability ... and then educate those people around them to ensure that our student athletes aren't taken advantage of by people around them."



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last fall one of my in-laws who is an osu told me about this under the table payment scheme run by his friend's dad's company (DiGeronimo) and I thought he was just gossiping.  Turns out it's true, and awesome.  Wish I would have been the one to spill the beans.


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Methinks you're right. He knows it, too. Their President is even worse; weasley little twit.  E. Gordon Gee, as "gee I didn't know anything did you Gene?" He's holding the bucket of white wash while Smith wields the brush.

Accountability? Integrity? Sportsmanship? F that, I guess. Show me the money.


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Gene Smith will be lucky to be the AD at Ohio next year.  So when does the NCAA completely crush them?  These problems keep coming out, obviously they don't have control over this program and it's problems.


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Starting with that bowtie-wearing doofus in the President's office. When the head of the entire University jokes that he's glad the disgraced football coach didn't fire him, he has willingly and enthusiastically dispensed with any remaining shred of dignity and academic integrity.


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Be looking forward to Nebraska laying a good ol' fashioned beatdown on TSIO, especially since they're in our division, but the thought makes me smile so I have to go with my instincts.


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More of the same, over and over.  I seem to recall when all of this started, OSU launched an 11 day investigation and determined that the Tats were an isolated incident, the doing of a few misguided youth.  It's quite clear that a) They have no idea what's going on in their program or b) they are always prepared to confess when caught with a smoking gun but deny shooting anybody.

Does anybody think that this leads to a LOIC allegation?


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The violation was discovered during a joint investigation with the NCAA Enforcement staff. Specifically, the
institution and NCAA Enforcement staff interviewed the current five involved football student-athletes:
Melvin Fellows, Marcus Hall, Daniel Herron, DeVier Posey and Etienne Sabino. It was discovered that dating
back to June 2009.


so yea this was before or during the tats for cash thing

restive neb

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Two questions regarding those documents:

1.  Why are the students' names not redacted?

2.  Did anyone else notice that the notifications to the NCAA are titled "Self Report to the NCAA" despite the fact that the discoveries were in joint NCAA / OSU investigations resulting from the prior findings?  Looks like an extremely lame and ineffective PR move.  Edit:  Or is it just standard terminology for documents that OSU is required to submit, regardless of how the issue was found?


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Ohio...the gift that keeps on giving.  I wonder if some of these players knew they would be facing up to seven games of suspensions, whether they would have left the program and gone pro (and sat out five games).


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Posey likely did not know he was being overpaid.  He received $1,050 for 21.5 hours of work.    $48.83/hour for cleaning cars and picking up scrap metal. I'm moving to Cleveland!!!!     I guess Posey doesn't get paid to coach either.


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tOSU is probably waiting till after the NCAA report finally comes out to fire Smith. He's gonna be their next fall guy. ...following Tressel & Pryor.

Mr Miggle

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I don't think OSU has much of a choice. Would another AD want to start now?  Does OSU really want someone else to suddenly take over dealing with the NCAA? Would you truly want to bring someone new up to speed on everything that's gone on or risk him getting blindsided? They're stuck with Smith for now. He'll be gone before it's time to hire a new coach and I bet he knows it.


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Posey and Herron should be dismissed from the program. They are obviously unethical,nd could care less about their reputation or the reputation of the school. It is about Herron and Posey and how much can they get out of the deal. If I were the AD I would dismiss them from the program for assisting in tarnishing the reputation of the school, more than once.


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I hope it reads, "Always Be Committing Infractions". It will make our Big Ten lives that much more pleasant. 

Clearly, things are still out of control in the football program, and the lack of leadership and any sense of duty to the program or the  school is frankly sick. 


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send out emails, self-report or "disassociate itself" from bad boosters profiteers once the media has gottenahold of things.

It's like, 'Oh, you know about that thing we do that's illegal?  Yeah, ok, wow, we had no idea.  Mr Bad Booster, you are no longer welcome, wink-wink.

'How's that NCAA, is it good enough, can our poor athletes who need assistance play again???'

Does anyone buy ANY of this?  Does Gene Smith or Godon Gee actually believe anyone thinks they are telling the truth?  If all these continued 'infractions' keep coming to light, a LOIC and FTM have to been coming down on them.

Every other school getting caught is getting its punishment much faster than OSU and Auburn.  Wouldn't that lead one to believe that the penalties thaT osu AND Auburn get much more severe?

If they don't get hit really hard, virutally every school will cheat because the benefits so out-weigh the cost.



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general unsubstantiated rumor mongering, but reading Bucknuts board and this is one commenter's post:

"the fan 97.1 in c-bus, said this basically: it was from this past summer, they said posey worked 21 hrs and got paid for 70 hrs, they were also very adament about having it on good source that this came about from t. pryor rattin them out."


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would make them martyrs for the problems that student-athletes face these days.  Besides, that offense cannot possibly score more than one TD per game without those two.


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How the hell is this not an institutional problem, Smith?  This shit keeps on coming out of the wood-work every month or so and he has the same B.S. excuse every time.  These fuckers are going to get a slap on the wrist because Smith and Gee are in bed with the NCAA and it's a shame.  


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How on earth can a program cheat so much and get away with it? This is seriously getting out of hand. And ESPN makes little to no mention of it...


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I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not, so will proceed as if you are not.

ESPN is suing OSU for failing to provide documents and did an Outside the Lines report detailing tons of potential violations. Why are you saying they aren't mentioning it?

Did you see in the report OSU filed that one of the additional violations for Posey was receiving a free round of golf from Mr. Dennis Talbott? That violation is a direct result of ESPN coverage...


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I forgot how terribly sarcasm translates on the internet. My point was we've been saying the same thing time after time the exact story comes out. It's actually getting ridiculous how many times I've seen the exact same post I typed out posted already....


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When they say something you have to wait a couple of seconds and them ask them what really happened, because you know anything coming out of their mouths is bullshit.

UM Indy

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if we find a way to lose to these bastards this year, it will feel way worse than the losses we've endured when they were at full strength?

Maize and Blue…

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because current players let incoming players sleep on the couch/floor of their dorm room/apartment.  What more does Ohio have to do to get hit with the same? Or does the relationship with the new NCAA boss save their backside?  When are the colleges going to realize that the NCAA doesn't treat all of their members equally especially when it comes to doling out punishments.  USC must steam coming out of their ears.  Then again, they gave the NCAA the bird when they hired Lane who should be getting a show cause in the near future from his one year at Tennessee.