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Top ten football and basketball programs! Urban out! Holiday season is upon us! Take some time to reflect, celebrate our teams’ success, embrace family, create traditions, and enjoy how special it is to be a Michigan Wolverine. We have a great community. Go Blue! 



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Crazy how having a top-10 football season is so....fucking lame.  Can hardly give a shit, let alone 2, about facing Florida in Atlanta. Basketball though....very hopeful for a fun March and enjoying the rose through January and February.

2 finger posbang salute to whoever wants it.


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B-Nut_GoBlue--This is why the college football playoff sucks.   Used to be that pretty much everyone in the top 5-10 felt really good about their season because they beat their rivals, or most of them, and they were a bad bounce away from being the national champions.   

Football is about beating up the kids in your neighborhood and any national stuff is icing.  We need to beat OSU.    I'm mad Urban took his ball and went home.

Reggie Dunlop

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I disagree that the CFP sucks (it just needs to expand), but you're exactly right about the affect on the fans.

After the 2017-18 regular season ended, Michigan Basketball was 4th place in the conference, #15 in the country.

After the 2018 regular season ended, Michigan Football was tied for 1st in the conference, #7 in the nation.

Which one felt like the better season? Michigan Hoops, because they get to have an unnecessary end of season conference tourney and had a fortuitous run to the National Championship game. Football doesn't get that opportunity. And that's unfortunate, because they had a better season than last year's basketball team.


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I'm always looking for new places to hunt, but am always drawn back to the land I grew up on. It's been a good year so far as my 7 year old has bagged his first deer (doe) and his first buck. I was also lucky enough to take a buck as well. We don't really need any more meat so the kid is looking to put one down for his grandpa this weekend.


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Out of your list I'm trying to focus on the "embrace family" part.  Except my brother. He's an asshole. And he went to Staee.  There is a correlation. (j/k I love him despite his assholishness)

Go Blue. Beat SC (the other one).

Blue Ninja

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I live in the Columbia, SC area so surrounded by Gamecock fans. Beat Carolina!!! Not that they care, the only sports that matter to them are football, baseball and occasionally women's basketball.