Poor William Gholston is misunderstood

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Get out the hankies when you read this article about Will Gholston, the "quiet, unassuming friend" who is learning how to better "play through adversity" (with "adversity" apparently translating to "being on the field with Denard" or "getting owned by Lewan").

To set the stage, let's start with the article's false statement that Gholson was "flagged for . . . [t]wisting the face mask of Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson."  In fact, he was penalized for a late hit on that play, and no action was taken (at the time or later) for the neck-wrenching.

We can then proceed through the rest of the article as though the neck-wrenching never occurred.  For example, here's the head coach to whom the players look for guidance:

"It really bothered him because he was characterized in a bad light," coach Mark Dantonio said. "He is emotional and it was an emotional response. It was not premeditated and I think people hung him out to dry. I think they hung him out to dry on TV, but they gotta talk about something, I guess."

Teammates agree that "Will is not the type of guy to just go out and punch a guy for no reason" (neck wrenching is another matter), and that he was "provoked" and "pa[id] the price."  All of this is expected to "provide some extra motivation" for Gholson this week, so I guess we'll wait and see what he can do to top last year's performance.



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"I think for the third year in a row we got the best player in the state of Michigan."

"It was not premeditated and people hung him out to dry... on tv because they gotta talk about something."

Dantonio is a troll.

An Angelo's Addict

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Gholston topping last year's performance would entail watching him run around the field with denard's head in one hand and lewan's arm in the other. 

I really hope the refs know to pay special attention to this guy


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It seems like this is the focus of all the media around him (except trying to figure out why he's not an All-American). From what I've seen, he's definitely a dirty player. It doesn't mean he can't shed that and play cleaner football going forward, but I'm not sure how you can play the game he did last year and then be all offended that people think you're dirty.

Edit: Also, why would anybody take the time to read anything in that format? If the demise of print media brings an end to one paragraph sentences, I'm excited. That has to be half the reason I get my news from online sources.


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Looking beyond the darth vader misspelling- I can't think gholston ever was an anakin skywalker type- I mean, vader is a tragic character not a consummately evil one- wheras I'm pretty sure tom is just an asshat that comes from an entire genepool of like minded kin


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for verbal dexterity, but if this isn't a completely ambivalent/contradictory statement I don't know what is: 

"I think he's grown from that," Dantonio said. "He hopefully needs to grow from that, understand he's got a lot of people watching him on a daily basis, whether it's on the field or off the field, that he needs to handle himself accordingly."

The problem is that MSU coaches don't know whether to bring the cudgels to any given game or act nice. Meanwhile, it's fun to see the dirty play meme get a further airing, even if the reporter does seem to be fellating Gholston and Co. from the full pretzel position. 

From The Detroit News: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20121018/SPORTS0202/210180358#ixzz29gDwAl6j


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they allowed more yards than we did aganst Notre Dame.

This I am hoping, is the game where playing Bama pays off. After last year and the Bama game, our guys can't be surprised by physicality.

If we put up more than 20 on them, then I am looking forward to Ohio. (IU put 27 on them so this is possible.)