Polling: if you could attend 1 camp, which 1 camp would you camp?

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Hope this is not a repost.

Polling to ask - if you could attend 1 camp, which one would you choose?

I travel a ton for work, live in Nashville, and would like to attend a camp this summer (as a spectator). M'boro does not work for me (damnit) as I'll actually be in NJ that entire week :/

I'm thinking either the Paramus (as I'll be in NJ that week also), or, one of the Bama ones, because, well, my southern neighbors are just batshit crazy about football. LOL

(*** this is maybe my 2nd post in 5 year, so please be gentle when you negbang me) 


June 2 — Maynard H. Jackson H.S. (Atlanta) — hosted by Cedar Grove H.S., featuring Michigan and Georgia

June 3 — Trinity Christian Academy (Jacksonville, Fla.)
June 3 — St. Thomas Aquinas (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.)
June 4 — University of South Florida camp (Tampa, Fla.) — hosted by USF, featuring Michigan
June 4 — Cheshire Academy (Cheshire, Conn.)
June 5 — Old Dominion University (Norfolk, Va.) — hosted by ODU, featuring Michigan
June 6 — Bob Jones High School (Madison, Ala.)
June 7 — Hun School (Princeton, N.J.) 
June 7 — University of South Alabama (Mobile, Ala.) — hosted by USA, featuring Michigan
June 8 — Pearl H.S. (Pearl, Miss.) — featuring Michigan, Ole Miss and Mississippi State
June 8 — Raw Talent U (Cleveland Heights, Ohio)
June 8 — Paramus Catholic (Paramus, N.J.) 
June 9 — Warren G. Harding H.S. (Warren, Ohio)
June 9 — Fairfield High School (Fairfield, Ohio)
June 9 — Sound Mind, Sound Body (Detroit)
June 10 — Sound Mind, Sound Body (Detroit)
June 11 — "5th Quarter Football Camp" (Ann Arbor)
June 11 — Youth Camp (Ann Arbor)
June 12 — Baylor camp (Waco, Texas) — hosted by Baylor, featuring Michigan
June 12 — Empire Showcase (Norco, Calif.)
June 13 — East Houston Football Showcase (Houston, Texas)
June 14 — Showtyme Camp (Addison, Texas) — hosted by Michigan and Iowa State
June 14 — Oakland H.S. (Murfreesboro, Tenn.)
June 15 — Pittsburg State University (Pittsburg, Kan.)
June 15 — Blue Springs South H.S. (Blue Springs, Mo.)
June 17 — Ridge View High School (Columbia, S.C.)
June 17 — Bright Lights Big House camp (Ann Arbor)
June 18 — Aerial Assault QB camp (Ann Arbor)
June 18 — Big Man lineman camp (Ann Arbor)
June 20 — Shine Time camp (Ann Arbor)
June 21 — Shine Time camp (Ann Arbor)
June 22 – Specialist camp (Ann Arbor)
June 23 – Specialist camp (Ann Arbor)
June 23 — Antioch H.S. (Antioch, Calif.)
June 24 — Seven60Athletes Camp (Oceanside, Calif.)
June 25 — Augustus F. Hawkins H.S. (Los Angeles)



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Rutgers and OSU will be doing a camp in NJ. It will be the best, most attended camp in NJ based on what the local experts are saying. You could attend that camp. That is unless you hoping to suk Harbaughs dic or something, which is probably the case. But you don't need to hide behind a camp to do that. Just request a sleep over, he will accommodate you I'm sure.


May 10th, 2016 at 8:43 AM ^

If I am going to Neg bang, it's gonna be rough. 


Secondly: Probably the Pearl, Missisippi camp, though mainly to go ask Freese how he could DARE to spend time away from his family to work at a football camp. 


May 10th, 2016 at 8:49 AM ^

Well, if I had to choose among those options, then it would be the Sound Mind, Sound Body camp in Detroit because it is about 20 minutes from my house via I-94. 

Realistically, I would like to attend Camp North Star because I would like to win that Chrysler Cordoba myself. Pretty sure I can guess correctly should they serve an unidentifiable dinner again. 

Amaizing Blue

May 10th, 2016 at 10:22 AM ^

Outside Morty's office.  I worked at camp for 16 summers, and have most of the dialogue from that movie memorized.  The fact that the camp owner for most of those years looked and often acted like Morty while at the same time vigorously insisting he didn't made the movie that much funnier.  

You walked in the woods with her?  You held hands?  And it was dark?  Spaz, you're on your way!


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Whichever one means that I'm a 5-star football player being recruited by Jim Harbaugh.

What? What do you mean that ship has sailed? What do you mean that even at my most athletic I still couldn't reliably catch a football?

You know what, screw your satellite camp. I'll have my own satellite camp, with beer. And hookers...

M Go Cue

May 10th, 2016 at 9:04 AM ^

My cousin is a college coordinator and has invited me to join him at the Cheshire camp. Not humblebragging, just regular bragging.

Everyone Murders

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Let me humblebrag that for you: 


I would really like to go to either one of the NJ camps or the Oceanside camp, but I promised my cousin (a coordinator at another P5 school) that I would help him at the Cheshire camp.  It would be great to be able to choose, but I think he really wants a second pair of eyes on the players he's scouting - just as a reality check, I mean ... he's the professional.

With Q2 coming to a close at the end of June (like every year, amirite?), I really can't do more than one camp this year.  Wanna hear a joke?  You know what Hugh Freeze and Private Equity have in common?  They don't care about satellite football camps!  Hilarious, but true.  Anyway, I've got to make managing these funds my priority this summer.  That said, family is family - so I will help my cousin again this year.

Anyway, it will be a great weekend with him, and an opportunity for me to blow the carbon out of my '68 Super Bee.  It's got the 426 Hemi, so it can be a bit tempermental - I'd usually take the '71 'Cuda Convertible 4-Speed, but don't want to risk that in the parking lot, even though I get to park with the coaches.  I sure can't afford to repaint that beast!



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June 14 — Oakland H.S. (Murfreesboro, Tenn.)
A couple of my ESS EEE SEE buddies will be joining. Ole Georgia boy has his panties in a wad because he read somewhere that JaCoby Stevens (5 star ATH and attends Oakland HS) is a "huge Georgia lean".