Point Shaving from a BCS college

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Disclaimer!- I am sure I will get a lot of feedback that I am just trying to make something up, trust me I have a lot better things to do then make up a story and put it up on mgoblog. I love mgoblog and it is for that reason where I can get the word out.

I was at the spring game for a smaller level college, but their HC told me and a few close alums that one of the colleges that he coached at (bcs team) was point shaving and they knew of it.  This team is going to be hammered beyond belief, because things are starting to come out. I will not tell the names of the coach, school, or respond to anyone. Just one hint so when it comes out people will know I am not full of BS the school he coaches at and the school was at are in the same state.

I am thinking this is the other BIG story Yahoo said would come out 



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I got from my friend. But I chose to dismiss it as either pointless speculation or wishful thinking.

I am not sure if the OP is any better. He is not better than Magnus who showed up here claiming he knew who the Michigan player (with the pervy roomie) was but couldnt tell us. 

I know Magnus is just an attention whore, so I am just going to hagve to lump the OP along wiht him. 



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I can't be the only one who honestly doesn't want it to be OSU, can I?

I hope they get hammered for the Tressel situation, because over his coaching career that guy seems to have fostered an environment in which he's viewed as above reproach, so he can just turn his head while players make off like bandits and no one cares.

But, if OSU gets slammed too hard, that's bad for everybody. Even beyond the "I want to beat OSU at full strength" view, it's bad for the conference to have OSU's program get too sunk for too long. The Big10 needs a couple of elite level programs year-in, year-out to maintain their reputation as a big-time conference (and in the play-off-less, rankings-based world of college football, reputation is important). With Michigan down, it helps that OSU has kept up conference appearances.

If OSU gets hammered by the NCAA, and Michigan takes too long to rebuild, I could see the Big10 sliding into ACC-esque territory.

MI Expat NY

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I think you're worrying too much.  The ACC is the ACC because everyone is required by league rules to finish between 5-3 and 3-5 in conference.   Even if OSU wasn't suddenly OSU anymore (it'll take a couple years after sanctions for this to be true, fwiw), there are enough top level programs to fill the void.  Hopefully in three years time, we're a consistent top ten program again, Wisconsin seems to be a top program every other year, Iowa seems to be elite every three or four years, and then there's always Penn St.  


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I want their fans to be sad, embarrassed, enraged, whatever. If there's something shady going on, I want it all to come out, and I will laugh and laugh and laugh....

Honest to god even if it meant giving up The Game for a year or more because their program got the death penalty. I hate that place.


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YAY! its not Toledo for once! ( i go to Toledo and it was sad to watch that program go to crap for a while when we got hit in basketball and football)


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You will look great if these allegations come to light on a major level, but if nothing comes of it, you never hear about it again.  Win-win for you.  Unless you're going to out who it is, or at least the school, then there's nothing to see here.


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I would be really happy if it turned out to be an SEC school. I don't think I could handle it being tsio if it meant giving the SEC something to say back to our money/dirty recruiting allegations.  

But if we beat Alabama in 2012 and drive by the wreckage of osu's program on the way home, I'll be happy anyways. 

EDIT - Turns out that's probably not possible given what we do know. TO HELL WITH TSIO!