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Submitted by tnixon16 on October 3rd, 2018 at 2:25 PM

I have one podcast recommendation: Make more, please. One is not enough to get me from Monday to the WTKA Roundtable posted late Thursday and MGoRadio on (some) Fridays. Could we maybe get an upcoming-game-preview cast on Thursday morning?

And since I'm jonesin' for audio content, can anyone recommend their second favorite Michigan football podcast to listen to once you're all caught up on MGoContent?



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I listen to almost all the sports content on the Ringer, but Dual Threat (the Rusillo podcast) isn't one that I have found enjoyable yet.  I really like all the Simmons, NBA and MLB pods, most of the NFL pods (except the Dantasy Football show), and I get a chuckle out of One Shining Podcast.  For whatever reason I just haven't gotten into Rusillo.


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In terms of Michigan content, not sure. I'd assume MaizeNBrew and the 247 site have something.

In terms of college football as a whole, Podcast Ain't Played Nobody is my favorite. It's co-hosted by Bill Connelly, the S&P+ creator, and it's really good mix of advanced analytics and common sense commentary.

On the other end of the spectrum, Shutdown Fullcast is hosted by Spencer Hall, Jason Kirk and more. It's a hilarious CFB podcast with an absurd sense of humor that very often gets off topic and rarely seriously discusses football, but it's so funny and worth it.


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I enjoy both of these, and PAPN is probably my favorite too (though Steven Godfrey and MGoBrian don't exactly love each other).  

I also listen to the Solid Verbal (been around a long time, getting a little tired) and The Audible (Stewart Mandel and Bruce Feldman).


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WTKA posts their MichiganInsider segment 5 days a week which is pretty good. Has lots of good football and basketball info, recruiting info, and general Michigan sports banter


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For pop culture type substance there's Binge Mode from The Ringer (especially if you like Game of Thrones or Harry Potter). Really any of The Ringer Podcast Network podcasts are good.

Indiana Blue

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The Harbaugh podcast is a fun listen ... just more insight on a great family (though Tom Crean ??? - oh well we all have one of those in our family closet).

Just subscribed to "We Might Be Biased" which is a brand new "fan hosted" podcast ... (right now I think there's only been the introductory episode).  Fun conversational style ... enjoyed the "fan view" and stating they are not "experts".

Go Blue!


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Jim does a podcast with his dad every week, Attack Each Day. It comes out on Tues. It's usually pretty light on Michigan football, but a fun listen nonetheless.

Jon Jansen does one, In the Trenches.

I like to listen to Andy Mingery's Monday Morning QB segment on Sam Webb's show, Mondays.

Sam will sometimes do an Inside Schembechler Hall segments where he gets an in depth interview with someone in the program. 



October 3rd, 2018 at 4:29 PM ^

Sam and Ira had some really good interviews on the show today with Kemp and Higdon - very articulate guys that provided good insight on the NW turnaround. 

I like WTKA "The Ticket" / The Michigan Insider as the podcasts are well organized in segments typically about 15-20 minutes long covering specific topics - you can pick and choose.  The best is the weekly MGoBlog Roundtable, but the rest of the podcast segments can be good as well.  I listen to the podcasts on my commute.  Harbaugh calls him "the great Sam Webb" so I think that gets him better scoop than many other folks and direct time with the players / coaches.

Jon Jansen is coming on strong as well.  I think he will end up taking over for Jim B when he retires.  His podcasts are a bit too rosy given produced by the athletic department, but I like his insights and takes on things.


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Someone here suggested Doug Skene a few weeks ago.  I've been all over his stuff since that time.  I do not miss a podcast he is on.  I could go for more than 18 minutes a week, though.


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I would welcome more mgoblog podcasts. The mgblog podcasts are the only cfb related podcast I listen to now. I cut out Solid Verbal and some other ones I would listen to occasionally. 

I just picked up other podcasts and some needed to get pushed out of my regular rotation. 

yossarians tree

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My dog loves MgoPodcast too because she gets a nice long walk with me while I listen. The Monday show really breaks down the game extremely well and is especially fun after a win. My only quibble is that I wish the preview podcast would come out early Friday so I have the whole day to get that one in before game day.

For non-sports, and I know he's been around awhile, but Joe Rogan has some terrific podcasts. They're not all good but he's very prolific so you just need to do some research and pick ones that interest you. Science, MMA fighting, standup comedy, some politics but he doesn't obsess on it. He will talk to anyone--I mean anyone from any walk of life--and he's very open and will listen to all sides with objectivity. And a typical podcast will go from two to three hours so they are great on road trips.


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For Michigan Wolverine football and basketball content:

MgoBlog podcast (but of course)

The Wolverine (include takes with Doug Skene)

The Michigan Rant (Nick Baumgardner's podcast)

The Michigan Man podcast

Michigan Football in the trenches with Jon Jansen

Wolverine 247 (the Michigan Insider 247 podcast)

Attack Each Day, The Harbaugh's podcast

Locked on Wolverines (Wolverines Wire podcast)


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If you're open to non-UM/sports stuff as a whole, I'm in my car for 2.5 hours every day so I rip through podcasts like crazy. My recommendations: My Brother My Brother and Me (comedy), Hardcore History (history, obviously), Dirty John & Dr. Death (different series but interesting listens), How Did This Get Made? (comedy, Jason Mantzoukis and Paul Scheer reviewing terrible movies), Reply All (technology), Serial (crime), The Giant Bombcast (video games). 


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Mike Spath's show is available in podcast form. I know some are meh on him but there are some good things on there. Zach Shaw from 24/7 is also on the show. He's got some good points from time to time but is a bit of a contrarian.

Michigan Podcast with Steve Deace is good too.


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For Michigan related you can try The Michigan Man and Locked on Wolverines. 

Non-Michigan: Freakonomics, EconTalk, Hardcore History, How I Built This, You Are Not So Smart


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I enjoyed Michael Spath and Devin Gardner for the past few weeks. They discuss the most recent game, Ibelieve it's available Monday mornings, its called Inside the Huddle on WTKA. That is in addition to the MGOPodcast and Harbaugh's AED.


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Not exactly on topic, but if you're at all into soccer, State of the Union with Alexi Lalas and David Mosse is a good podcast that gives a quick runaround the world of soccer from an American perspective.  This isn't altogether non-Michigan as Lalas is from Birmingham and Mosse went to UM and wrote for the Daily.  Michigan sports comes up on a semi-regular basis though it is obviously not the focus.

Duke of Zhou

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KEXP Music That Matters

KEXP Live Performances

All Songs Considered

World Cafe

Sound Opinions



This American Life

Snap Judgment 

The Moth






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The Wolverine247 Michigan Football Podcast - put on by Zach Shaw and Steve Lorenz. It took me a while to get into Zach, but now I enjoy his take on things more than Steve. Steve gets annoyed too easily by fan questions.

The Michigan Rant - put on by Nick Baumgardner of the Detroit Free Press. It hurts to listen to sometimes because he tells it like it is, but I still listen. This season he brought in co-host Orion Sang, an intern from UM.

The Player & The Fan - put on by Glen Higgins and Chris Howard. This was just posted about yesterday I believe, but they interviewed Marcus Ray and talked about team chemistry leading up to the 1997 championship run. Very interesting. They are talking about ending it after this season though.

My wife has me listen to The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds. One tells the other a story from history that the other doesn't know a lot about. They always make me laugh. One I recommend is The Pinto.