Poaching Rutgers - Re: Chris Muller

Submitted by Marlin Jackson… on January 26th, 2012 at 1:55 PM

According to Mike Ferell, Michigan has contacted Rutgers 4-star OT commit Chris Muller. 


Coastal Elite

January 26th, 2012 at 4:05 PM ^

Couldn't the coaches just be playing the odds? I mean, very few of the recruiting literati think we're going to get all five of the prospects remaining on the board, which would be like hitting a royal flush. If there's another four-star prospect on the table, why not be in contact just to increase your options and, in so doing, your cumulative probability of success?


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We've been having "issues" with people getting frustrated with so many recruiting updates.  If you throw the recruit's name in the title, it will make this thread more search-able for future posters.  If you don't mind, thanks in advance.



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Tom VH on ESPN Insider

I spoke with Rutgers commit OL Chris Muller this morning. He has been contacted by Michigan and said he is interested in Michigan and would consider visiting. I should have more with him later.


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How many OL is too many?

1. What's the ideal number of scholarship OL on a roster?

2. What's the ideal number of scholarship OL to take this year given the lack of depth?

They've been recruiting three guys (that we know of), but have presumably been expecting not to land them all, and maybe suspected that Stacey was wavering. If they could just point - would they take three guys? Four?


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He became good friends with Kalis during the Army Bowl.  He was the rumored "secret visitor" that was discussed around that time.  After getting back home though he decided to pass on a visit. 

The interest is serious, and according to the Rivals mods, Kalis is already working on him to come join him.  

Mr. Rager

January 26th, 2012 at 2:46 PM ^

Kalis is the main guy recruiting him.  This was reported by Helmholdt.

My thoughts on this:

- Kalis sees Mags has his buddy Garnett in the mix (maybe not for sure committing, but at least a 50% chance).

- Kalis wants his own 4-star, top 150 guy to be his buddy.

- Mags and Garnett struck up a relationship at a camp.  

- Kalis and Muller struck up a relationship at the AA game.  


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The OP needs to chill. If you want 2-3 o-linemen, you don't just sit hoping the 2-3 you've offered will all fall into your lap. You keep competing until the whistle. Plus, going after other top-level recruits puts a little fear of god into the ditherers.


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The scarlet knight recruiting class isn't...I guess I should say wasn't...bad at all.
<br>Does Muller have the potential to develop into a center or is he purely a tackle prospect?
<br>Also, at risk of getting bombarded with a bunch of sarcastic "yes, we're just not telling you" responses...is there anything out there indicating a pursuit of the 4* wideout?