Plenty of Blue Balls for 2019 CB Turner

Submitted by MaizeMN on May 15th, 2018 at 11:33 PM
Looking at 247 recruiting, I see Sam Webb has put in a prediction for 2019 CB DJ Turner II. The pick is hidden behind a VIP paywall, but 100% of predictions are for Michigan, so I assume Sam's is, as well. Turner is a composite 3* (.8817), 5'11" 170 lbs. #435 nat'l rank, #39 CB, #46 GA. He has an impressive offer list, including: FL, AL, GA, AU, LSU, PSU, ND, OU, NE, TN, WI, MSU, Stanford, etc. Sounds like a good pick up, if Michigan gets a commitment. (Commence obligatory "but he's only a 3*" rants, below)



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Actually, if he is 5'11", that probably really means he is 5'9 3/4" tall since most of these kids are overstated.  I also find it interesting that we are going after some smaller corners.  But holy hell look at the kids offer sheet.  He must stick to receivers like glue!




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Couch is supposedly much taller than what 247 has him listed - just wonder if there is a delay in getting them updated

5'10" - 6' guys seem to be a take if they are really good (Lavert Hill and Ambry Thomas as an example), but they'll take developmental guys over 6'0 as well


right now our cornerback depth chart has Hill, Long, Thomas and Watson all leading the way so I think most/all of the 2018 cornerbacks likely red-shirt anyway, which maybe was their plan

Gentleman Squirrels

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I doubt all of the 2018 CBs redshirt since there's a possibility of both Hill and Long leaving for the NFL after this year and it's the last year for Watson. Next year, the only players with playing time we will have is Thomas and St. Juste. Out of the 2018 CBs, I doubt Sims redshirts. He's an early enrollee and has some good reports so far. The Green bros may redshirt because they need time in the weight room - I would peg Gemon as playing a bit and German to redshirt. Faustin is a safety, and Vincent Gray probably needs time before he can be a viable player. So our CB rotation may end up being Thomas and St. Juste as starters with Sims and Gemon as backups.

Watching From Afar

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Slot CBs?

I find it rare to see 6'2"+ guys being able to drop inside and play the slot. Neither Stribling nor Clark ever did IIRC. That's what made Lewis so good. Boundary CB? No problem. Slot CB? Sure, why not.

So Sims and the other guys play outside, Turner or Couch take the slot (and outside if they can play both spots).


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Maybe it’s a move to a true 3-3-5 at some point in the works with the lack of DT recruiting, be we haven’t been recruiting the necessary planet size NT. Have to trust the coaches on the DBs but the lack of DT bodies is concerning especially if Solomon goes pro after his JR year

Gentleman Squirrels

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We do have Jeter and Irving Bey as future DTs. Carlo Kemp is also practicing at DT. Hinton from this year is pegged as a SDE but he's probably a Gary type player as in he can play both DT and SDE. I also see Upshaw to gain weight and switch over to DT since Hutchinson and Welschof are more SDE types. We definitely need one more DT in this class for the future.


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watching his film, looks solid.  Not going to complain if he commits, yet he isn't going to make me forget about any 5 star or top 100 types either.  Seems to be a willing tackler, though it's mostly diving at ankles instead of wrapping up.  Rather he not do it out of bounds though if he is playing for us.


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I follow enough recruiting reporters on twitter to know this name well. Mentioned a lot by them and other recruits/commits.

You can also see that a lot of other school recruiting reporters cover him too which suggests those are all real offers. With the exception of maybe Alabama of course.


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UM has 29 offers out to cornerbacks in this class and based on the rankings Turner is near the bottom of those. This is just more of the same where the staff can't get their top guys and have to move on to tier 2 and 3 targets. He fell out of the ESPN 300 recently after putting up bad testing number at the Nike combine. 


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has him rated 80 and a 4-star, the same as the bottom of the ESPN 300

the #22 CB for ESPN is in the ESPN 300 and Turner is the 23rd ranked CB according to ESPN

seriously, you have become the Maizen replacement with your whining about everything


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He may very well be a troll, but he could also have a point.

I wasn't attempting to be combative in my post to him above, it's a genuine question. The Opening folks wouldn't seem to care about a lot of the politics that may affect offers, but it's possible they do.

The offer list here is baffling vs ranking. The easy thing for all sites to do is bump him. Even to a low 4* would get people off their back. But Rivals and 247 have kept him down. Why?

He's from a huge school in GA, I believe, they won the state title. Maybe the offers are necessary from the big schools. UGA just recently offered, which feels a bit like a Hoke offer to a Case Tech kid he knew was going somewhere else.

Maybe school adds a star? If you can get that kid in your program and open the door to 4 and 5*'s for years, maybe you do it, even of the kid only has 3* ability. In that sense, they're all legit offers, but the player ranking isn't wrong.

The Opening is interesting though, they seem to legit pick kids who test and perform well in their camps, regardless of offer list. But perhaps they can even be pressured by a huge school like this. What do I know.

It's really interesting though, because that's a near 5* offer list. Sam Webb said he was slight, need to get bigger. Maybe he projects to be a 4*, but only now plays like a 3*.

After last year's disappointing class (in terms of ranking), and a lot if the 2019 early hype falling away, it's fair to question whether recruiting is on the elite track needed.


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.8902 is the last 4-star

.8900 is the first 3 star - 360th ranked

.7982, 1867th ranked is the last 3-star


being ranked 435 with a rating of .8817 is a high 3-star


Maizen / Bluey and others act like every 3-star is ranked 1800 or something

The range of 3-stars is so vast that saying someone is a "3-star" really doesn't do them justice as far as how they are ranked


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Did you miss the part where the OP laid out a list of Turner's offers? I know some are uncommittable/ he's a backup plan but that's incredibly impressive. This is either a case where the kid is being dinged because of some numbers at a camp or he will end up a 4*, when all is said and done.


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Offers can mean a lot of things. Coaches have to "offer" just to even get in the conversation with most recruits. Secondly there is no way to verify which are real and which aren't. Sometimes an offer is just a way to get in good with a player in another class from the same school or to keep a good relationship with a high school program. Michigan tosses out dozens of offers every year they have no intention of honoring, it's just how recruiting works these days. Jourdan Lewis' offer sheet for example was two schools long, Michigan and Toledo. He was still ranked as a borderline top 100 recruit. I think looking at offers instead of the rankings - which have a proven correlation to success, is a mistake fans make to rationalize why their team is accepting certain commitments.


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Every "study" done correlating rrcruit rankings to success uses the rankings at the end of the signing period (and I think there is an adjustment after that as well). They are not using star rankings 9 months out (before the kid even plays their senior year).

What always happens is under the radar generic 3* guys get a 4th star when blue blood schools seriously pursue them. It's the Michigan, ND, OSU, Bama... bump. If Michigan signs a kid that has offers from Bama, OU, LSU, PSU, ND... he will get a 4th star when all is said and done (if the kid doesn't get a 4th star, then the other schools were not seriously pursuing). If the kid ends up signing with a MAC school, then he will keep the 3*.

Final recruiting rankings generally mean more likelyhood for success, but not the rankings as of 9 months out.


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Just look at last year's top 200 as of May and then the final 200. You will see a lot of movement and will see that kids who signed with the the big name schools shot up.

Michigan signed 11 3* last cycle, because other big time programs were not fighting for them, since those kids didn't have offer sheets like Turner.


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For your own happiness, you need to transfer your allegiance to a school that recruits more successfully in your eyes. If you don't, you'll continue to be miserable. I'd suggest Ohio State or Alabama. You can bask in the reflected glory and feel good about yourself in the off-season.