Playing with Injuries

Submitted by Marley Nowell on January 4th, 2012 at 1:43 AM

Molk was hurt before the game even started and RVB got hurt very early in the game.  Both 5th year seniors toughed it out and played for their teamates, coaches and university.  I could not be prouder of those guys.


Those Who Stay Will Be Champions!



January 4th, 2012 at 1:57 AM ^

This from the presser:


Q. Ryan, obviously in the clutches, just what happened in the end?

RYAN VAN BERGEN: I got stuck under a pile and my foot got bent down in an angle, so my foot was parallel with my shins, so that was an awkward angle. That was early in the game, and that was bothering me. I had a cut block actually fold it the other way. So I was just trying to battle it off.

This was my last game. Unless I saw a bone, I was going to try to stay in and fighting that off. The guys behind me, they filled the role really well. Jibreel Black did a great job at the end of the game.




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There was a rumor that Denard tweaked his ankle during practice a few days ago. I could see from the stands that Molk and Lewan got hurt in pregame warmups. I know Molk missed a series obviously. I didn't notice if Lewan missed much time. but he was not himself, nor was Molk. I am not sure if the gameplan was to go Sparty and blitz the A gap from the beginning, if it wasn't, Bud Foster noticed that Molk was in a bad way shortly and blitzed the A gap heavily the rest of the game.


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Hemingway got hurt in the fourth quarter, he wouldn't leave the field, even when they tried to send someone in for him he and Denard waved them off. They played tough, was proud of them!