Players we might poach from Miami?

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It's far too early to determine how the Miami scandal will play out in terms of the NCAA, penalties, etc. But it's not too early to wonder to what degree Michigan might benefit. At minimum, the scandal will damage Miami's current recruiting class (now ranked among the top five). 

As noted in previous posts, four-star RB Wes Brown is down to Miami and Michigan. He was said to be a Miami lean -- but that was before the scandal broke. So that could be great for M, especially since Brown is from the program that gave us Blake Countess (and that also boats Brown's friend, Stefon Diggs, a blue-chip receiver still considering Michigan). Beyond this, however, are there any other top Miami recruits/leans that might now go M's way?

And assuming Miami gets hit USC-style, many current Canes will be permitted to transfer without sitting out a year. Were any current Canes big on Michigan? Or would this be a non-starter for Michigan, given its stringent transfer rules? This year M did take a transfer from Hampton. Yes, he'd previously been an M player. But still. 



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I see the effect being bigger next year, with the recruiting powers of Miami, OSU, and USC all suffering from bad press and recruiting restrictions (I am assuming Miami gets hammered and OSU gets some sort of scholarship loss) it will be much easier to lure players away from their pipelines. Miami, California, and Ohio will be much more open to michigan than in previous years.


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His name escapes me, but he said he wanted to go to Miami and then had to go to Hawaii or San Jose State or something.

He's supposed to be really accurate so he might be a good fit for the west-coast offense Borges is implementing.  Could be a force for us.


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Is anyone else a little apprehensive about getting recruits from Miami? I mean, how did Miami get those recruits? Just doesn't seem worth the risk.


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Dallas Crawford, Antonio Kindard, and Their Kicker were all freshmen that had committed to us before being poached by Golden.

The scandal might send one or two running back.

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I'd have to think the coach's #1 choice at RB would be Dunn.  But, if Brown entered the picture, things may get interesting. 

EDIT:  I forgot completely about Dallas Crawford.  He'd be a possibility if he still likes Michigan and his loyalty wasn't only to the previous coaching staff.  But, I doubt that. 


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“The character of the kids in the program and everybody who works with those kids on a daily basis, because character wins in life and character wins on the football field. The character teams are the ones that play together, the ones who stay together, the ones who are accountable to each other and we are going to be a program that is going to be accountable.” ~ Brady Hoke

Not saying this is why he didn't want Crawford, but maybe it is.


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A reasonable concern, Samber. But it's probably less applicable to players in the current recruiting class. According to Golden, none of the recruits have been on campus. Then again, this assertion does seem rather odd: I'm pretty sure every Michigan commit first visited Michigan. But Miami lands 20-odd top recruits who've never visited the school? Hmmm. Methinks Golden will come to regret his words.

Regardless, guys like Brown and Diggs remain uncommitted. So there's no reason to assume they're on the Miami payroll.



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I'm pretty sure Magnuson didn't visit before he committed, but then visited shortly after.  With recruiting moving earlier and earlier, before kids can take officials, you'd have to expect some commits before visits are taken.  Especially those from far a way.  With Miami it's wierd though because I would guess most of their commits are in state, or even from Miami.

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I'm not a fan of poaching kids, but if there's mutual interest then why not. It's all fair game until NSD. There are plenty of high character kids in Golden's class (all these allegations are prior to the Golden regime)....let's not just put them all under the same umbrella, that's just not fair to the kids. Just my 2 cents...