Players Report for Fall Camp Today!

Submitted by Tate on August 3rd, 2014 at 1:21 PM
Football is back everyone!



August 3rd, 2014 at 11:15 PM ^

I know Devin made a plethora of mistakes, particularly early on during the 13-14' season. There are very few who would argue his play was stellar but what did Shane show during his limited opportunities to suggest we would be eyer suited with him at the helm?

I will not bash Shane. He was a freshman; and like most freshman QBs the learning curve tends to limit the plays and formations that you can cover with limited snaps. Still, particularly during the bowl, what jumped out that would suggest he is prepared to be more successful than Devin? I want to know what you were watching if you feel Shane was that impressive.

Shane struggled with accuracy. He has seemingly struggled with accuracy in large part since I began watching him fairly consistently during his sophomore year at La Salle. No one has ever questioned his arm, but it seemed as though either Borges tried babying him way too much, or he was that nervous and inaccurate. Few throws looked sound and decision making was tough behind the OLine.

Once again, I understand Shane's snaps were limited but their was little evidence to suggest he is better than Devin or better for the team at this point in time. Take away some turnovers and add in even a semi-functional run game and Devin would have looked like someone poised for a potential Heisman run in 14-15'.

Devin will be the QB at the beginning of the season. As he should be. If he struggles the obvious hope is Shane, Russell, and or Wilton will be ready to go. The key to success for any of these QBs mentioned relies on our ability to run the football. With the athletes we have I do not see why these obstacles cannot be overcome.