Players that have been around forever

Submitted by allinforM on January 21st, 2010 at 9:33 AM

Seems like Trevon Hughes, who just killed Michigan last night, is on about his seventh year of eligibility. He is to Wisconsin basketball what Doug Dutch was to Michigan football.

What other players from other sports seem to never graduate?



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Its probably b/c most players that play at that high-of-a-level take off for the NBA after one to see him around for 4 very productive years means that he is always on ESPN and on TV in March.

Big Boutros

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Oh em gee

I thought Scottie Reynolds was a fifth year senior two years ago. When we watched his layup against Pitt last year in the Elite Eight with 0.5 seconds I was leaping about the room in my sheer incredulity of his remaining eligibility. Then I was told he was a junior and I exploded and died RIP


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I had my fill of Epstein's killer 4th-quarter misses by the end of 1999 . . . and he still had two years to go.

That miss in the second half of the '01 OSU game (right on the heels of Walker's dropped TD pass) still haunts me. I really think we'd have won if we'd have scored on that possession.


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Having to bring up two consecutive plays that will haunt me for the rest of my life. The walk from the stadium to my apartment by St. Francis church along Stadium was brutal - tOSU fans honking and making noises and obscene gestures. All because Walker couldn't catch the ball and Epstein yanking a gimme. Of course, I'm sure it was John Navarre's fault.

Frank Drebin

January 21st, 2010 at 10:30 AM ^

I swear that Mike Peplowski was at MSU for the entire Heathcote era and part of Izzo's time. That guy always annoyed me and never graduated. When I was young, I just figured that people at MSU were allowed to play for 8 years. Kinda like Tommy Boy.

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...but I was amazed when I heard that Armanti Edwards was still the QB at that one school that shall not be named. I guess that was only a couple years ago, but it seems like forever to me for some reason.

Maize.Blue Wagner

January 21st, 2010 at 10:50 AM ^

As I was becoming aware of individual players in the Mid-90's, I thought he had already been around for several years, then he was around for several more. Similarly, Clarence Williams played for awhile.

Also, I thought Ed Cota was playing basketball for UNC for a long time.


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He was on the active roster for three Final 4s ('89, '92, and '93). His classmates (Eric Riley and James Voskuil) were redshirted in the first year. Rob redshirted in '90 / '91 because of injury.


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Kelly Tripucka was my all-timer with Notre Dame. I was so happy to see him drafted and out of CB, but that was extinguished when the Pistons took him. Good player though.


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Wisconsin players in general. I felt like Krabbenhoft, Bohannon, Hughes and Butch were all there for the bball team for 8+ plus years and PJ Hill and Travis Beckum for the football team seemed to be there forever as well.