Plans for Olympic Opening Ceremony

Submitted by blueday on February 7th, 2018 at 8:53 PM
We cook or obtain food and beverage from the host country and invite friends far; Spicy pork bulgogi Beef bulgogi Soy pulp stew ... biji jjigae Kimchee, shrimp tempura ... Korean... don't know. Picked ginger (Shoga amasuzke) ... more on the way esp. Beer rice wine, etc forgot the name. Go America but love the venue...



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What? Shut the fuck up, guy. It was a joke. It was funny. He's not being tough. You don't know what money he has and you damn sure can't come up with a charity that gets money to the people in Nork prison camps. 


Take the stick out of your pretentious ass. Find a Winter Olympics blog where you and the other 6 people who are as into it as you are can share thoughts on the most authentic [insert host counry here] restaurant around here. 


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I watched the Chinese Olympics opening cermonies with a bunch (8) of collegues from a Hong Kong software developer.  The Chinese opening China.    I had a bunch of Korean friends in middle school, but the only family I know now are sort of duds.  Where does one make Korean friends?


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Opening ceremonies are lame. More importantly, the best sport in the Olympics, curling, has already started and the USA got a win over the "Olympic Athletes from Russia" team. Even though it's mixed doubles, the flag football version of the sport, I'm so excited.


February 7th, 2018 at 9:29 PM ^

Can honestly say that I didn't know people made plans or got together to watch the opening cermony. Personally, I'll forget that it's happening and instead watch Duke/N. Carolina or any other game I can find.


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The only time I've ever been with a group of people not my family for the Opening Ceremonies of any Olympiad is when I watched them for London 2012 at the Frankenmuth Brewery. Now, one can make the argument that I SHOULD have been with the rest of my family at the Bavarian Inn, but quite frankly, my kids don't need me there to spend a wad on trying to collect mostly useless tickets to get items that will fall out of favor on the drive home.