Pittsburgh Coaches Clinic

Submitted by SFBayAreaBlue on February 21st, 2014 at 11:21 AM

I'm going to the PIttsburgh Coaches Clinic this weekend.  Dantonio is the keynote speaker.  Is anyone else going?  Anything you'd like me to say or ask Dantonio if I should bump into him? Walt Harris and David Shaw are also presenting. 



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I think you need to stop seeing stars. If you were to remove the star and rating system that 'after-market' organizations, rather than the coaches, use, how does that re-frame the debate? Coaches presumably seek out kids they think are best suited for the systems they run. Sometimes these kids and the after-market stars you see by align, but over and over they do not. 

Better questions are, How good are coaches at spotting talent that is best suited to their coaching and playcalling? And then, How good are they at getting those players to sign? And then, How good are they at developing those players?

Start asking questions that better align with reality, and then use those to judge coaching staffs. 


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I went to it last year. I chose not to go this year, and part of it was because Dantonio is speaking. I'll be going to a different one instead. I also didn't like the setup of the conference rooms as much as a couple other places I've been, and the hotel was kind of lame and a poor location.

Space Coyote

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And not just cover 4 DB play. Dantonio learned from the best (Saban) about defensive back play, and that's where he made his bacon before moving up in the coaching world. From my experience he is very good at displaying that.

I wouldn't be too interested on his topic of "Winning Thoughts" however. Those types of presentations never really connected with me, as I think each coach handles that in different ways and relying too much on what someone talks about in a presentation (rather than say, by seeing it through example) is pretty pointless.

Space Coyote

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"Hey Mark (Coach D if you like), the coaching staff and I have really been at odds about this lately and I'm wondering what your opinion is on the matter, if you could help us out. Better female performer: Cher or Shania Twain?"

If he answers Cher, reply: "Do you believe in life after love?"

If he answers Shania Twain: "That don't impress me much".

If he knows how to answer those responses, then you know he's a true fan.


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Never been to Pitt for a clinic. Was in Nashville for one last week. Heard some okay speakers and had a blast at night. Fun town to visit. My cool story bro moment of the week.

Evil Empire

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if Sparty had not won the Rose Bowl.  When uttered, Dantonio's "now imagine your feet in the Rose Bowl" line had a real Dan Gilbert-Larry O'Brien Trophy guarantee feel to it once.  Now...