Pipkins returns to practice

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Some great news from Angelique Chengelis at the Detroit News (Article Link Here):

Michigan freshman defensive lineman Ondre Pipkins, who was taken to the hospital last Friday after suffering a neck injury in practice, was back on the field Monday morning, a team spokesman confirmed.



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this year at keeping the info down--last year the Fort was in effect but we saw a regular stream of anonymous posters during fall practice from here or other sites (quickly posted here) who gave many small tidbits of info. This year there are very few. Even in spring practice this year we heard from a anonymous poster first that Devin was playing WR.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Me too.  Reminds me of the Bo/Woody days.  My father and grandfather used to tell stories of Woody sending spies up to watch our practices and Bo closing them to the media.

Even if Hoke is just being paranoid, it ads to the mystique of the program by keeping practices closed to the public.


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I had a few minutes to kill today, and was walking near the practice fields. I can tell you that Ondre was on the field, but NOT practicing. I couldn't see much but from what I could tell, he did do some planks with some other players while most of the rest of the team was running sprints. 

It's great to see this isn't a significant injury, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him more involved again very soon.


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Hoke: "Uh, Pipkins had a boo-boo. You know, when you're getting physical and putting in a tremendous amount of effort, guys are going to get dinged here and there. But he's had a tremendous camp and he's been putting in a lot of effort, and he's been improving every day."

Reporter: "Why did you take him to the hospital?"

Hoke: "He wanted to sign autographs for some kids."


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This is truly great news.


Non thread worthy non-sequitur: Has anyone heard any practice buzz about Sione Houma? He was an under the radar recruit that I was interested seeing more of.


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Glad the Belly of the Beast is back, hopefully he spends his down time with more Hoke impressions and finding food to eat that symbolizes ohio


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I understand there are varying degrees to what the staff has him doing at this point but regardless o whether it's full contact or simple exercises I'm just glad he'll be able to contribute sooner or later.


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Glad he's healthy, for a bunch of reasons. That's some scary stuff.

Also, I'm surprised the coaches confirmed anything more than "Ondre Pipkins is alive, and is currently somewhere in the continental United States."


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"And in the next he wrote: "You must have forgot I'm a Transformer #FerGodSakes #PeeWeePrime #GoBlue." - Angelique, quoting Pipkins' Twitter.

That  made me laugh. This is extremely good news, of course. Excellent to hear that he is on the mend and at practice and hopefully he will be back at it in full soon. 


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Even if its not full pads I'm just glad he's healthy and back on the field in some capacity. He should be good to get into the two deep rotation vs. Bama.


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He was on the field, but not practicing or hitting.  Unfortunately, for a true freshman, who's only been working with the team a couple weeks, this loss of practice time is a big setback.  It's highly unlikely he will be able to contribute for a while this season, if at all.


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Unless it was a lot worse than reported, he'll probably be going full tilt in a day or two, so he'll be about 4 practices or so behind where he would have been.  This would be a bigger deal if he wasn't Ondre Pipkins, but luckily for us, he is. 

The big thing he's needed to do is work on conditioning and technique.  He can do most of that without going live anyway.


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People make assumptions here without any knowledge. I said he would be full speed today, and he was. We as fans and as a university need to expect more. Bo was a magnificent coach but set the bar at big ten titles, so that's all he won. We need to demand more now!


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Even though I know Pipkins hospitalization was entirely precautionary it was still freaking me out a bit.  Unless Richard Ash or Quinton Washinton have really stepped it up I'm expecting Pipkins to spell BWC...  and I expect BWC will need a breather or three against Alambama's boardline-NFL quality offensive line.

On a slightly different topic, I think a lot of why "the fort" has been more effective this year is due to construction.  The bridges for Statium Drive over State Street and the rail road tracks is currently in the process of being replaced, which makes it dangerous/illegal to wander up there.  Ordinarily that bridge overlooks the outdoor practice fields and a simple zoom-lense or pair of binoculars would allow accurate observation of practice.  Since the road and sidewalk over the bridges are public property I don't think there's really much of anything that the university can do to stop you unless you hang out long enough to be accused of "loitering".

Blue in Yarmouth

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I have been wondering about him since the initial report. Glad to hear he is doing fine and will be back to practice in short order. We really need this guy this year and I think he is going to be great!