Pioneer v. Saline 9/11

Submitted by ArborBlue on September 12th, 2009 at 2:02 AM

So today was Pioneer's game against it's rival Saline, which starred MSU commit Joe Boisture. Pioneer of course, had it's own star in UM commit Ricardo Miller, but more on that later.

The final score was 36-17 Pioneer, led by the ground game featuring sophmore Drake Johnson, who turned in a spectacular 70 or so yard run while filling in for Jeron Clayton, who is still out with mono. Joe Boisture had a forgettable game, as he didn't really do anything spectacular, but by the same token didn't do anything to really cost his team the game either. To be honest, I wasn't that impressed.

Now on to the part you will actually care about. Ricardo Miller. He had 3 catches for 48 yards and a TD from what I counted. However, he should have added a 60 yard TD to that which he just plain missed. Note I didn't say dropped, because in order to drop a ball, one must touch the ball. Ricardo sprang open on either a blown coverage or the slowest safety ever and Pioneer's QB threw a deep ball to him. The ball was slightly overthrown but was easily catchable. Ricardo leapt into the air, stabbed at the ball and...completely misjudged it. Hopefully this is just a fluke, as other than that, Ricardo did well with the chances he was given on a run first team.

Now a quick scouting report. Ricardo is bigger than most high schoolers, he's faster than most high schoolers and runs pretty good routes. He's virtually uncoverable at the high school level simply due to physical superiority. That's the good part. The bad part? He simply does not seem to have great ball skills for a top flight WR recruit. He dropped 2 catchable balls against Inkster and had the aforementioned misjudgement against Saline. Now, realize that he can have problems with drops and still be a great WR, most notably Braylon Edwards had similar problems, but I don't think Ricardo will have enough of a physical edge at the college level to get away with the drops like he can in high school. He's actually a very good blocker on the edge, and is often used as a TE for run plays because well, he's bigger than any TE on the roster at Pioneer. This is good, as he'll be able to adequately block on bubble screens and such. Overall, Ricardo has the physical tools to be a good college WR, however, he needs to refine his ball skills if he wants to find his way into the starting lineup at Michigan.


Elno Lewis

September 12th, 2009 at 10:34 AM ^

where were you sitting dude?

Great game....lots and lots of penalities--you forgot to mention those....probably 300 yards worth all told. and a player ejection. My nephew got a sweet crack back block penalty....that kid is turning into Jack Tatum! Saginaw Arthur Hill this THURSDAY at pioneer.

Saline got one of their td's on the flukiest punt return shiat I have ever seen. it was hilarious. And Joe Boisture got the poop kicked out of him. pioneer was smothering him all night. After that first Saline td drive, it was all Pioneer.

Three and OH! Onward to Ford Field Biatches!