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I know it was briefly talked about in but there was further confirmation on events for Saturday's breast cancer awareness game. Along with the hats having pink trim and the shirts having a pink M on them, the student section will also be forming a block M in pink, instead of the usual blue.

In addition, the Block 'M' in the student section will be pink for the first time ever. The Block 'M' is normally formed through the help of Michigan students wearing blue t-shirts in the shape of the block M. This week the students that form the M will be wearing pink t-shirts.



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But I can't seem to be able to start this thread. My apologies, but I have just coem across some serious bulletin board material for Mich. Can you believe this was said by an Iowas defender about Michs defense:

Michigan failed to tackle anyone in the broken field with any authority, even when MSU backs were carrying the arms and torsos of Michigan defenders.  To paraphrase Tyler Sash, earlier this week, they "guard", they don't tackle.  I suspect that is because they "guard" all spring and summer, when they are playing their own.  It is the inverse of our O-Line having to compete with our D-Line in camp.  Surviving against those monsters means that you have prepared against the best in the country.  Surviving against Denard means that you never learn to hit, control the LOS, tackle, or intimidate.  Basically, Michigan doesn't play defense.  They are playing some other game that I haven't seen before.  I don't know what it is.  But it isn't major college football.


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1. This exact quote was posted in another thread earlier.

2. Don't hijack threads. If need be, have someone else post it for you.

3. You "can't seem to be able to start this thread" because not only do you not have the required 100 points, you appear to have hundreds of negative points. So I'm guessing you can't start threads on your own for a reason.


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thought for a second that the block M on the field was going to be pink.

So when is the WNBA & LPGA going to have awareness for testicular cancer day?  Is there a color for that? 


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I think it would be an awesome display of support.

And when dudes start dying from testicular cancer at rates that women die from breast cancer, then you'll start seeing testicular cancer get more attention.


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I lost my grandfather two years ago to prostate cancer.  I mean so many of us can list other family members to fall to this disease.  So I understand the need to amplify the message about all cancers.  That's why there's Stand Up 2 Cancer, Race for the Cure, and other events throughout the year.

All I'm saying is this is a big cause and I think it would be awesome to see the greatest school in the land throw show a cool display of support by coloring the best block letter ever pink.  I'm not talking visitor locker rooms, just the letter.  And just for one week, not the whole month.

And you would be surprised how many awareness months or weeks there are.  This link provides a mind-numbing amount of them:

Feat of Clay

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I get this sentiment--cancer has dug its ugly claws into my family, but (thus far) breast cancer hasn't been among the culprits.   Sometimes I feel a twinge when I see the publicity & support surrounding breast cancer causes, because its nowhere as close to my heart as other things that also need a cure.

But I've come to think "more power to them;" they're teaching us a lot about PR and fundraising.  And I am optimistic that advances they make in breast cancer may have some important carryovers to other forms of cancer.  And if not, well, we'll just cure this one and then turn our sights and money on another variety.  So, Go Pink.


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Does anyone else think that the "Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness" is all a big show, which is really made just to profit those involved?  Breast cancer has one of the highest survivabilities of all cancer, and awareness/research money doesn't need to be raised for breast cancer like it does for liver or prostate cancer.  I seriously think that these companies who push the whole "pink ribbon" thing on their packaging are doing it now solely for the free PR and the advertising.


EDIT:  I don't think it was always that way, but I think that's what it has become.


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What I mean is, it's become such a PC thing, where everything in the country has to be painted pink to raise awareness, or else your compassion for breast cancer survivors is called into question.  It did its job, but I think is just sort of a relic that doesn't need to be around any more.

03 Blue 07

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I'm with you, Wahoo. I feel like there are SO many types of cancer that need more research, and the whole "pink" thing hit a tipping point, and everyone is on board. Why (seriously) isn't there more support for, say, prostate cancer? Wouldn't prostate cancer affect more football fans, generally?

I realize I may just sound really stupid here; I will admit ignorance regarding cancer rates of prostate vs. breast cancer.


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I have a friend who works for Young Cancer Survivors and I discussed this with her concerning the amount of money that goes into the pink gear sported this month in the NFL and whether it would be better served donating that money instead. She said that many companies DO in fact make sizable donations to cancer awareness and that the major sports leagues have agreements in place to make large donations. But, she said, that there has been an uptick in companies that are trying to use the Breast Cancer awareness to generate more revenue for themselves. Her recommendation was to ask the companies how much of the proceeds they are donating and shop accordingly if you want your money to actually go towards fighting for a cure as opposed to lining someones pockets.


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Prostate is around 16% of men, whereas Breast is something like 12% of women.  The key difference is that average onset usually affects more women, since the average age of diagnosis is something like 50.  For men, the average age is something like 70.  More women are affected because it hits them earlier in life. 

oriental andrew

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i didn't write it in the MNF thread, but I was thinking that this whole "pink" think has gotten really tiresome.  Really, does EVERY sports team need to wear pink shoes, wear pink gloves, use pink bats, etc?

Also agree about survivability.  How about ALS awareness?  My mom died of complications from ALS (aka Lou Gehrig's Disease) and there is no known cause or cure.  How about that?


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Agreed, and I think more than half of us could find a disease that affected our families somehow more than breast cancer has.  Pancreatic cancer and cystic fibrosis in mine.  If we started that list it'd be a mile long by the time MGoBloggers were done with it, and the explosion of pink in October has taken me from thinking "gee, that's a unique thing to do, a nice effort to make" to "are we fighting any other illnesses, or has breast cancer sucked up all the money?"

Sgt. Wolverine

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this one particular cancer is apparently a thousand times more important than any other cancer, but that's the way it is now, and it irks me to no end.  Especially because now October is one huge push for breast cancer awareness ... when that's probably the cancer people are most aware of.  There are other cancers and diseases out there, and though it's hard to believe given the time, money and marketing that goes into just one specific cancer, they also matter just as much.  At least, I think so.  I'd be certain, but only one has its awareness raised ALL THE TIME.


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Well my mother died of breast cancer so if she were alive she would beg to differ with you. Breast cancer when isolated is definitely survivable but when it spreads, often due to not being diagnosed early, it can be fatal. So the whole "pink ribbon" thing is a healthy reminder.

Also if there is a break through in curing breast cancer don't you think all types of cancer would benefit? So instead of spouting off stupid shit on a message board make a donation this week end and don't bitch about it. We all pay $2.50 or more to get our own money out of an ATM machine. Now that is a waste of money.


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Sorry to hear about your mom.  For the rest of us who are also growing weary of the pink explosion, and who've lost family members to one of the thousands of other deadly illnesses that don't get this kind of marketing assault, are we "spouting off stupid shit" if we ask for a fraction of the "awareness" that breast cancer gets?  It's very easy to tell us to shut up and donate for just the one cause.  Would you appreciate it very much if you were told to shut up and donate to the thousands of others?

And for the record, "shut up and donate" is one of the biggest reasons I'm tired of the whole campaign.  You're not the first person to say something like that and unfortunately you won't be the last.


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Way to take a strong stance on something. Say no to donations.

If you read what I posted it says if gains are made towards curing breast cancer than other types of cancer should also reap the benefits. I agree with you other types of cancer are just as worthy of being cured. Reading other posts it was very interesting in reading how pink products have become a marketing ploy. Disgusting to say the least but given the choice I would rather see ten cents go towards research than nothing at all. I personally donate because it makes me feel a little less helpless for a moment. If it were for another cause I would donate just the same. Losing a loved one is painful no matter what disease is responsible. So I just "shut up and donate" in hopes that somehow my donation will make a difference and someone else won't have to go through what I have.

The Harbaughnger

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I work in marketing for a food retailer.

There is a specific focus in the retail industry on women because when you look at shopping demographics, most of the shopping done in most households is done by women.

Add to that the fact that the overwhelming majority of breast cancer is found in women, and you've got a good cause that's relevant to the person buying the groceries.

I've sat in meetings where this has been a defined strategy to increase sales dollars.

It is a good cause, but it's being hijacked so that companies who put pink ribbons on their boxes can sell more units- pure and simple.

The sad part is all the other causes that need attention that aren't going to get it.

There will never be an MS/Colon Cancer/Autism/etc. awareness campaign in the NFL, etc. because sadly there's no 'market' for it.

South Bend Wolverine

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I'm all for fighting cancer and everything, but is there no way to do this without making our football players and coaches (see all the pink gloves & stuff in the NFL recently, for example) wear ridiculous pink clothing?  It just looks really, REALLY wrong.


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Yes the pink is ridiculous but the marketing works. It has us talking about it. My Father (of all people) got breast cancer. Fought it and beat it. I'll spend some extra dollars to support something that goes to this cause.