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"I think David's been with us long enough now that he understands the calls, understands where the point needs to be, and he's had enough game experience under his belt to where he's really confident now, the guys trust him," Kelce said. "I think he's just a very resilient guy who's been in a lot of tough situations before. I think a guy who's had a lot of adversity throughout his life [including losing his mother, Gail, to breast cancer when David was in the seventh grade], and he's overcome it each time . . . He's done a great job in here, being thrust into a very difficult situation. He's only gotten better every single week."…

Who doesn't love them some Molk?



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The first game i'm sure it takes adjusting to get used to live speed coming off the bench. He's been pretty dominant in the last couple of games i saw. Not blowing guys off the ball dominant, but just being quick and agile enough to get into position for leverage to block a guy. Whether its pulling and sealing or just combo blocking and getting to the second level. This offense is tailored for his speed and agility and he's done quite well.


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Molk is playing because the Eagles have lost 10 players on the oline, including the starting and back up center, because of injury. When asked about Molk Kelly said "he's not Kelce".

For the poster above he has been far from dominant.

I love Molk, I think he was one of the best centers Michigan has had. It's to bad he delt with injuries.

Ali G Bomaye

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Molk is listed at 290 lbs.  In the last decade, Matt Birk, Nick Mangold, Ryan Kalil, Dan Koppen, Olin Kreutz, Kevin Mawae, Chris Myers, Tom Nalen, Jeff Saturday, Max Unger, Scott Wells, and Casey Weigmann have all been selected for Pro Bowls as centers.  None of them weighs more than 300 lbs, and several are lighter than 290.  The idea that Molk isn't big enough is bullshit.


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I still chuckle with glee at the moment when Molk supposedly said, "I like to hit people really fucking hard." Hopefully, he gets numerous chances to do that in the NFL through starting like he has been lately. Great to see him trying to take advantage of the moment here.

Blue Bunny Friday

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He said it. The video evidence was conclusive before that youtube account was taken down. It's probably out there somewhere, but I wouldn't recommend searching for videos with those key words without the 'safe search' on (huge molk jugs?). Transript here (maizenbluenation).

Seemed like a cool guy who was maximizing his talent and just loved playing the game. 


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Molk is a pretty undersized center and he will never be sure-fire starter. However, he has done a fairly decent job filling in for Kelce in Chip Kelly's offense, which emphasizes speed and brains. I can see him being the back-up center on the Eagles for awhile.

MoJo Rising

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The guy is a baller and I wish he could get cloned so we could have an OL made up of all Molks. I hope he has a long, productive and healthy NFL career. 


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Their O-Line coach is an asshole in Philadelphia. I work in East Lansing, the O-Line coach for Philadelphia is Jeff Stoutland and he use to coach at MSU and Alabama. He was neighbors with a guy I work with and he still talks to him. The guy complained that he had to use a munchkin from Michigan as his center with a all the injuries he had. Just goes to prove the type of class MSU breeds. I hope Molk stays the starter and makes the coach look like a fool.