Phil Steele predicts Gator Bowl for UM, BCS title game for OSU

Submitted by Logan88 on July 2nd, 2013 at 10:46 AM

ESPN has listed Phil Steele's 2013 Big 10 bowl predictions here:

Surprisingly, that is to say not surprisingly, Steele is bullish on OSU (predicting they will play for it all against Bama) and bearish on UM (predicting we will play Ole Miss in the Gator). Well, I guess the good news is that we will get to pound on the Rebs and show Treadwell what a big mistake he made buying into Freeze's BS.



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Problem with the NW "upset" is that is ALL I have read for about 2 months, so you can only imagine that is the only thing they are hearing in Columbus.  Hard to be an upset when everyone is warning you about it for 5 months.  It is too obvious.  It is going to have to be something out of the blue like a road game at a pretty poor Cal or Purdue who actually seems to do well against Ohio for some odd reason.

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The week before --- when Wisconsin comes to Columbus --- I'd argue that's more likely to be the game OSU loses (I simply can't see them at 11-0 going into AA, they'll lose somewhere).  


Wisky isn't scared of Ohio State, they've played them fairly tough historically, and Wisky will already have a quasi-tough road night game under their belts prior to Columbus (Arizona State).  Not saying the Sun Devils are at the same level as the Buckeyes, but I've definitely noticed over the years that teams perform better in a tough road environment when it's not their first such game of the year.


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I agree that Wisconsin will be a tough game for Ohio.  I can't believe that the sports heads seem to forget that Purdue basically beat Ohio last year until Danny Hope gave the game away through horrifying play calling in an effort to ice it.  Ohio always gets gifted a few wins a year (Cal and Purdue last year, Cincinnati the year the won the NC, etc.).  Even before Braxton Miller was hurt he was ineffective against them anyway.  I believe this was the game where Guiton threw a pick that seemingly ended it, then Hope gave Ohio the ball back with three straight 1 yard runs (or something similar).

I think they blow out Northwestern due to all the "upset" talk.  They've got that date circled.


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I've heard a few season projections that say something like "Michigan will be 7-0 going into East Lansing, then get tripped up on the road against a fired up rival who has already won 4 of the last 5 head-to-head matchups"


My personal opinion, if Michigan's 7-0 going into East Lansing, they're not going to stumble against MSU.  That's too "obvious" --- U-M isn't going to let freaking Sparty ruin the undefeated season.


In that scenario, I think the risk of a stumble is greater the following week (a "sandwich" home game against a credible Nebraska team).


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But apparently nobody actually knows.

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Even people who were informed (i.e. us) didn't expect much better than that in 2011.  This time there's a lot more evidence to contradict his prediction to those who follow the team closely.  I just don't know how Ohio can be a near unanimous pick to go undefeated if anyone watched more than 2 games of theirs last year. 


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I don't think anyone knows what will happen. I think the favorites would be OSU and UM to win the the B1G. NE, NU will be capable. MSU and WI have a shot!

Our division will be the toughest to win  where UM, NU and NE all have a chance. OSU will coast through their division unless WI can trip them up. Even if we beat OSU at home we may not be heading for the B1G championship game. NE or NU could have a better division record or tie breakers against us!

My guess is 9-3 with losses to ND and at NU, plus we will have a surprise upset (this will keep us out of the B1G championship game). I think we will win in East Lansing and beat OSU at home. A New Years bowl game finishing 3rd in the B1G.



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Phil is from Ohio after all.  He's generally objective, although he tends to overrate the buckeyes.  For instance, Braxton Miller as a Heisman favorite?  He puts up good numbers, but isn't even the top QB in a spread offense (Manziel, Mariota, Boyd are all better and more productive).


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On what planet is Braxton not a Heisman favorite? He finished fifth in the voting last year. He's a third-year starter at QB for the probable No. 2 preseason team. That's basically 100% of the qualifications for the Heisman Favorite-manual? Steele isn't close to alone on this.


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The Gator Bowl - at least typically - gets the #5 from the Big Ten, or at least it will until the conference officially wrests some control from the committees for team selections as it has promised to do. If that is the case, then we're perhaps being lowballed by Steele in a subtle manner, I would think. 

For another perspective, ere's some of the Big Ten and BCS predictions from SBNation:

BCS National Championship (Pasadena) BCS 1 vs. BCS 2 Alabama Oregon
Orange (Miami) ACC 1 vs. BCS at-large 1 Clemson Louisville*
Sugar (New Orleans) SEC 1 vs. BCS at-large 2 Georgia* Oklahoma State*
Rose (Pasadena) Pac-12 1 vs. Big Ten 1 Ohio State Stanford*
Fiesta (Glendale, AZ) Big 12 1 vs. Last BCS at-large Texas Boise State*
Capital One (Orlando) Big Ten 2 vs. SEC 2 Wisconsin LSU
Gator (Jacksonville) Big Ten 5 vs. SEC 6 Michigan State Ole Miss
Outback (Tampa) Big Ten 3 vs. SEC 4 Michigan Florida
Buffalo Wild Wings (PHX) Big 12 4 vs. Big Ten 4 Baylor Nebraska
Texas (Houston) Big 12 6 vs. Big Ten 6 Texas Tech Northwestern