PFF B1G team of the week

Submitted by Farnn on September 26th, 2017 at 12:07 PM

PFF just posted the B1G team of the week.  Not sure why the blog stopped subscribing to them but the grades for team of the week are posted on twitter for free.   As expected, plenty of players on defense made it, more surprising is 3 on offense did, including John O'Korn.



PFF Week 4 - B1G Team of the Week - Defense

— PFF College Football (@PFF_College) September 26, 2017

PFF Week 4 - B1G Team of the Week - Offense

— PFF College Football (@PFF_College) September 26, 2017



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Yeah.  It got to the point where they clearly fired off some of their analysis with only a cursory review of games.  I know Brian has said previously that his final UFR numbers tended to match up over a season with PFF in broad strokes, but oftentimes that came down to "Taco Charlton is a really good defensive end" and "Graham Glasgow is a good center", which...yeah, might not be worth the subscription fee.  


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Guessing Brian stopped subscribing because the grades weren't all that dissimilar from the UFR grades. And while the punter grades were hilarious it's probably not worthwhile to subscribe just for those.


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Glad to see this kid getting recognition. He has stood out to me every time he touches the ball for his agility. I have never seen a tight end that can secure the catch, turn, and accelerate upfield more quickly than McKeon. If he stays healthy and sticks around, he will break all of Jake Butt's receiving records.


September 26th, 2017 at 12:31 PM ^

He will not break Jake Butt's receiving records. He's already behind on that stuff so he'd have to significantly outperform what Butt did his JR/SR years. That's doubtful, especially with all the other WR/TE targets we have.


September 27th, 2017 at 2:28 PM ^

But there were 2 or 3 catches from McKeon where, at the point of the catch, his momentum should have carried him out of bounds. He turned on a dime and got a bunch of YAC.

I love Gentry's size/speed combo as much as anyone, but the thing I'm talking about is unique to McKeon.


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That PBU on the screen should have been an interception. He missed the QB on more than one occasion, requiring Winovich to clean up his mess. He should have had 3 sacks and an INT. Missed opportunities. Kid needs to be benched to get his head straightened out.

/s, obviously