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Friend said Peters is warming up?!?



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This isn't evidence that Harbaugh made a mstake by not bringing him in earlier. Rather, it's evidence that it was a good decision to bring him in now.

This turns out to be the bext possible break-in game for him.

OL is doing ok (they get the Rutgers DL, lol)

Rushing is doing great opening up the pass.

Rutgers doesn't execute to punish mistakes: the one that could have been a pick-6, etc.

Peters is executing the offense. He's made several good, quick decisions, and a couple nice throws. Only he can do that for himself, and he has. Good on him. 

But in another context, it could have been a confidence-rattling disaster. This was the right game.


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Yes, loyal to a fault.

Yes, at ped state would've been a terrible situation for first start.

I suppose in the rain vs sparty would've been tough. Even after all those JOK picks.

So how about ANY time vs IU? Even if all he did was hand the ball to Higdon, at least he would be getting LIVE snaps, making insertion at psu less daunting.

Jus sayin...

And before anyone says ANYTHING about hind sight, I was in the start Peters this season camp, feeling we'd seen Speight's ceiling already.


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On #2, I'm not so confident.


His TD pass was badly overthrown, he missed horribly on that rollout pass to a wide open McKeon, and he threw one pass that bounced right off a defender.


All this against our easiest opponent of the year.  I expect we'll be a lot less happy with him if we trot him out against Wisco.  


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Making the same mistakes week after week? This offense was doing exactly zero with JOK playing. As a fan, I'd much rather see Peters make a mistake and learn/grow.
I'll make ya a bet that Michigan will break a big run in the second half simply because the defense may actually have to account for a passing game.


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You're getting negged to hell because your wording comes off as hostile, but I basically agree with you.

I start with the premise that the coaches are experts who are working with a lot more data than you or I have access to.

Last week vs Penn State, Peters had still never taken a meaningful snap. That's a rowdy and hostile road environment vs. the #2 team in the country. Apparently the plan all along this week was to get Peters some time today.

I think people are a little emotional because of the RR and Hoke eras and could stand to relax and trust the process TM.

Cheers man,

Welcome to the blog and in the words of Jabrill Peppers, "don't take it personal."


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And they LOL'd at the "meritocracy" and said JH's team was rife with favorites playing over more talented players.

It's human nature and JH is not immune, I s'pose.

Personally, it was pretty apprent to me that BP was the most talented QB in the 2016 spring game. Does that mean he should have started last year? No. But given the shit show we've had at QB for the last 10 games or so his appearance on the scene was far too late IMO.


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I got news for you—Jim Harbaugh is not infallible. 

Neither was Bo Schembechler, who stubbornly refused to acknowledge for parts of two seasons that John Wangler was the best QB on the team.


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The coaches aren't without their biases but they are still experts with access to far more data than you or I.

For all we know the plan from day 1 when Speight went down was to give O'Korn until the Penn State game to earn the job while grooming Peters to take over if O'Korn doesn't.

In the grand scheme of things that isn't a drastic or irresponsible plan... let's see how this season plays out.


October 28th, 2017 at 4:01 PM ^

The problem is that those biases can get in the way of interpreting the data.

None of us on the outside here know the reasons Harbaugh hasn't thought Peters didn't merit playing until today, and it's functionally irrelevant anyhow—we don't have any impact on the coaching staff's decisions.

Some QBs simply seem to be able to make things happen with an offense, while others struggle with the same exact players.