Pete Fiutak ( on ND Game

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Sorry if this has been posted or linked already, but I haven't seen it. It is an interesting take on the Michigan - ND game from this past Saturday. I guess someone other than MGoBlog thinks Michigan is back. He also makes fun of Charlie!!!

"I know bad Michigan and Notre Dame teams. I’ve seen bad Michigan and Notre Dame teams. These are not bad Michigan and Notre Dame teams. I have a strange gut feeling that what happened in Ann Arbor on Saturday was more special than it’s currently being given credit for, and we’re all going to look back at that game three months from now and realize it was a season-defining classic."

Here is the link to the full article:



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Har har.

"Sorry this column sucked, it wasn’t my fault … Me and my staff of veteran coaches couldn’t figure out how to stop a true freshman from marching down the field and beating us in the final moments in just his second game as a collegian."


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This is also in the article:

"... Michigan ... should have expectations and honest dreams of a Big Ten title. Penn State and Ohio State come to Ann Arbor, Iowa looks beatable, and Illinois isn’t that great. Set the bar at 9-2 before the showdown with the Buckeyes, with losses against Penn State and at Wisconsin, but considering where the program was a few weeks ago, this is a dream come true for Wolverine fans."

I know its more Kool Aid, but he's right.


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That's the greatest thing about this country, that people can have and express their own opinions. I have no specific opinion about Fiutak as a columnist, but I found a couple parts of the article interesting. If you do not want to read it, no problem.