Pete Fiutak is a giant asshat

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Notre Dame Preview: Offense

**  I know that Pete's level of idiocy has been well pointed out in these parts but wow.  **

"New recruit Matt James might not be an elite prospect, but he was on everyone’s list of the best tackles in this year’s recruiting class with the size and the frame to sit at one tackle spot for four years. At 6-7 and 291 pounds, the Cincinnati native followed Brian Kelly to South Bend and will get a long look at playing time right away on the outside. Even though he’s tall, he’s physical for the ground game and does a good job of shoving people around."


As surely 99% of you know, Matt James died in March. 



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This doesn't necassarily make him an asshat, however, it takes away the little bit of credibility he may of had, which IMO wasn't much 

Smitty D

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does this not make him a asshat???????????? Guy is doing a fully in depth preview about NOTRE DAME mind you and the guy didn't even know their highest recruit was dead??? wow if that does not make you a asshat I have no friggan clue what does


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No, he is an asshat. If you are going to do something publicly and professionally and you don't even know this about a young man and a team you are reporting about, you are an asshat. 


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It's a mistake, and he probably compiled all this information a while ago, but still it's very unprofessional. All it takes is a quick google search and dozens of results come up about his tragic accident. 


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he does this for a living.  He obviously heard about James and didn't take the 10 seconds it would have taken to open up the file "ND preview" and make a note.  He was a 4star recruit and this happened shortly after signing day.  How he didn't have this correct, I have to attribute to laziness.  We knew he was a hack, now he is a lazy hack which rockets him directly into asshat territory.  A brand he should preferably wear as a facial tatoo.



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It doesn't necessarily make him an ass, but he is an idiot. I don't know how something like this gets put up. Inexcusible.


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anyone else notice this:


Projected Top Reserves: For the moment, junior Nate Montana will get the No. 2 job. Joe Montana’s son is 6-4 and 200 pounds, and has a live, accurate arm, but he was inconsistent throughout spring ball and didn’t come up with a good performance until the spring game. Now he needs to be ready in case Dayne Crist’s knee isn’t healthy, and he has to be sharp with a slew of good prospects waiting in the wings


it's going to be pretty hard for Nick Montana to play for ND when he's at Washington.


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Yeah its still an awful article, at least they went back and edited the James part.  Floyd and Rudolph are Juniors not seniors, the Montana son at ND didn't transfer from Washington, its bad from beginning to end.  I haven't even finished reading it yet, don't know what else I will find....

It was nice to see all the ND fans just rip apart the writers and editors on the article, not a lot of topics unite all the ND fans, but this is definitely one of them

The FannMan

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Not only did the level of utter,offensive failure unite Irish fans, it united all Michigan fans with all irish fans!  Truly amazing.  In fact, the only small disagreement on this board is whether he is:

a)  An asshat;

b) An idiot; or

c) A deucheag.

While this debate is perhaps more interesting than the article, I see no reason to quibble.  I think the correct answer is: d) All of the above.


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Bleacher report or college football news...probably bleacher report because anyone can write on previously stated Fiutak is an asshat.