Perspective After Tonight’s BB Loss

Submitted by Ajcoss on February 1st, 2019 at 9:37 PM

Well that sucked. In regards to this game, this showed the true bugaboo of UM’s team. Same thing happened at Wisconsin, foul trouble and can’t shoot. Officials killed us this game. Especially early, taking us out of it. Our  fault for not being deep, but they controlled this game making Brooks, Davis, Johns, DeJulius, Castleton Play, some key minutes. Shooting woes weren’t good, but 2nd half was 2 point game when our top players get to play. Oh, don’t want to hear about the auto bench. JB knows you only get 5. His approach is have all hands on deck 2nd half. Both sides have pros and cons. Reality is a thin team can’t get screwed on crap calls.

The funny thing and my main point of this message was the perception of this fan base. Many say, this team blows. Others say, relax this team is 20-2. Reality is and most gotta see it, something in between. We can’t control officials, so only having 6 Maybe 7 at times a huge problem with this squad. Second, this team can’t shoot. Even see our bad shooting on several games we win. This team doesn’t have any pure shooters. Few in our rotation are just bad. Both Iowa and Wisconsin loss were similar and how we lose. Foul trouble, especially early and lots of missed shots. Many times the misses come from multiple people on floor who suck at shooting, and Poole/Iggy try to do too much. You see Iggy/Poole force a lot when our 6 main play? Maybe a few, but majority are when Teske and Livers are sitting. The receipe for success hinges on lots of luck. Refs and health going our way.

No, sky is not falling. We have 2 losses, at Iowa and at Wisconsin. Most years I chalk both up as losses. Over years, haven’t played well at their house and we always get screwed by BS calls. Both games didn’t let me down this year. Frustrating when you know this going in, probably some truth to it? Also, at Wisconsin with all the junk on the road (foul trouble/bad shooting), we within 3 with a minute left. Tonight, we were basically even in 2nd half when our top 6 could actually play. Not bad when you stack up the consistently bad calls and awful shooting.

Lets hang in there and realize that both sides have lots of solid arguments, but both off, and just enjoy the ride. Hopefully this team can get some guys hot . But we know we only got 6 guys (crazy how much better Teske is on D vs. Livers/Johns when watching those 2 halves). So pray officials are kind and the injury bug escapes us come March. I like our chances when our 6/7 can play all the minutes. 









February 2nd, 2019 at 3:14 PM ^

Granted I don’t know basketball like I know football, but was this L a big deal?  Every team has an off night and ffs UM is 20-2. No team in the country has run the table this year.  Still a 1-2 seed in March, right?  I don’t see an early Feb L mattering but then again, maybe I’m missing something.  


February 1st, 2019 at 9:42 PM ^

We will be fine. There is no way Z gets to 9 losses in his career. It would be an autobench from JB. 

We have some games coming up where we can rip off 6+ wins in a row. 


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The fate of this team in the tournament falls on the officiating

We can go all the way if the officials call loose games. Teske stays in for 30+ minutes. Simpson can be a pitbull. etc

We can make the Final Four if the officiating is average

We can be bounced early if the officiating is the same it was tonight. This team struggles mightily with Teske in foul trouble. When Teske picked up his 2nd and was barely allowed to play the 1st half this game became an automatic-Loss

Teske is the most important player on this team due to lack of depth at the Center position


February 1st, 2019 at 10:14 PM ^

I agree with this, except I think we can overcome a quick whistle on a good shooting night, or if the opponent also shoots poorly. 

It's when we have foul trouble and a big shooting disparity that we're in trouble.

So far that's only happened at tough road venues - home and neutral courts are our friend.


February 2nd, 2019 at 2:02 AM ^

Don’t think a tight whistle hurts this team very much.   Tonight’s problem wasn’t that ‘sometimes that’s not a foul but tonight it was’. It was things that are clearly not fouls were called.   Teske’s 2nd and 3rd fouls were perfectly played clean plays that are not called unless the ref misses them.   His 4th and 5th were both in between.    So 3 fouls ina tightly called game, 1 in a rough and tumble game.  

Livers cylinder call was awful as his feet were 12 inches away from the guys feet.

there were 3 ‘and-1s’ where there was no contact.   

And Cook has 3 full swings with body contact where he got no ball at all and wasn’t called for any of them.   

No tonight wasn’t a tight whistle, it was just bad   



February 2nd, 2019 at 12:34 PM ^

The biggest gripe that I have with the team right now is the lack of depth. Austin Davis should not be getting minutes at a power 5 school. He has no discernible skillset outside of his height, and he's not a threat offensively, and has slow feet defensively. I know he doesn't play that much, but the only two games he's played more than 5 minutes in the last month have been the Wisconsin and Iowa games, and the offense stagnates and loses it's rhythm. 

Eli Brooks needs to be better offensively. In conference play, Brooks has averaged 12.5 minutes per game. Brooks has scored 12 points. That's not per game, that's total. 12 Points in 11 games, as a significant rotational piece. 

The Top Six can go toe to toe with any lineup in the country, they can switch most everyone, they can all make shots all over the court, they're all good defenders, and they're all smart basketball players. the 7-8 spots are a major concern, and hopefully DeJulius, Johns, and possibly Nunez can contribute down the stretch. I just think Castleton is too thin and don't expect too much out oh him day 1. 


February 2nd, 2019 at 6:54 PM ^

There's definitely some truth to this, but keep in mind the timing of the fouls and the results.  Austin Davis played 5 minutes with no fouls -- has he ever done that?  Johns got 10 minutes with one foul.  But Teske got 5 fouls in 13 minutes.

What happened was that the game was officiated differently when different people were on the floor.  I think a lot of that was that Michigan's backup bigs played a bit of olé defense.  But it was also very clear that the officials were going to call Teske and Livers tight because they contested Iowa's shots, even when no foul actually took place.


February 4th, 2019 at 5:32 PM ^

I think they called it tighter than most refs do, which isnt ideal, but I never saw the calls going too far one way or the other. Does calling it tighter benefit the deeper team, and the home team? Yea probably, but thats basketball, in the same way that calling a very loose game will almost always benefit Michigan.


February 1st, 2019 at 9:44 PM ^

Didn’t watch the game but looking at the box score and the past couple of games, looks like Matthews will be off draft boards for sure unless he pulls a 360 heading into March.


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Early exit in big ten tourney and NCAA tourney with our shooting. MSU Purdue and Maryland will finish ahead of us when the season ends. Maybe Wisconsin. Beilein needs to recruit better big men. No depth at all behind Teske. Teske is not that impressive. He had had a couple of decent games. But other than that not impressed. 


February 1st, 2019 at 11:49 PM ^

Michigan hoops is the soundest and best it's been in decades.

As you said, umchi, Iggy has already proven to be a terrific player. We also have some guys who will surely produce once they've developed a bit, and some exciting prospects coming next year. 

Coach Beilein has built a consistently winning program featuring a ton of really talented players - it's amazing to me that people still complain about his recruiting.

steve sharik

February 1st, 2019 at 9:56 PM ^

  • Early exit in big ten tourney and NCAA tourney with our shooting. FALSE
  • MSU Purdue and Maryland will finish ahead of us when the season ends. Maybe Wisconsin. FALSE
  • Beilein needs to recruit better big men. MAYBE
  • No depth at all behind Teske. TRUE
  • Teske is not that impressive. FALSE
  • He had had a couple of decent games. FALSE
  • But other than that not impressed. YOUR PREROGATIVE (BUT LIKELY FALSE)

You're not exactly racking up the wins yourself, there, chief.


February 1st, 2019 at 11:30 PM ^

I don't even agree with the "needs to recruit better big men" take.




That's pretty damn good. Teske has been fantastic. He's easily the best defensive center Coach Beilein has had at Michigan, and has developed into a pretty damn good offensive weapon too.

Big men need time in Beilein's system. I think Johns and Castleton both stand a good chance of being good (though Johns' size probably makes him more of a Livers-style small-ball 5).

Unfortunately, Davis hasn't developed as well as Coach B probably hoped he would; that's left us thin this year. 

There aren't many teams that have really good back-up centers, and Beilein's system requires a lot for a big to be effective. 


February 1st, 2019 at 9:56 PM ^

You continue to show up to prove that you know absolutely nothing about basketball.

Teske played an absolutely fantastic game today.  He was the only player on the team with a half-decent ORtg (119), and he managed to pick up 8 rebounds in only 13 minutes of action.  He also got an assist and a block, and didn't turn the ball over.

If Teske doesn't get whistled for... uh... whatever it was the referees thought he did, Michigan likely wins this game.  I don't have a source for plus/minus data in real-time, but I'm confident he's going to have the best on the team once someone publishes it.  Iowa was able to win this game because (a) Michigan's offense bogged down without Teske -- and especially without Teske or Livers, and (b) Michigan's defense is worlds better with Teske on the floor than with him on the bench.


February 1st, 2019 at 10:02 PM ^

Holy shit youre an idiot.

Teske is potentially the most important player on our team yet you think he is not that impressive. 

Teske leads the Big Ten in blocked shots. His defense doesnt even need to be defended because its so obvious how good he is there. His passing on offense and his stretch capabilities is crucial to our offensive success.