Personal Criticism of Players by Name

Submitted by Cold War on October 19th, 2013 at 12:34 PM

With the level of negativity directed toward our guys, particularly our young interior linemen, I'm hoping the mods might allow this to have it's own thread. This post says it well and speaks for a lot of us. Hat tip to MGrad.

I am uncomfortable with the level of personal criticism directed at the players by name in all of these threads.

They wear the Michigan uniform and play their hearts out for the Michigan team, and for that they have my 100% support for everything that they do on that field, even if they struggle.

They are still very young inside the tackles.  Those names getting criticism are going to be excellent linemen in a year or two and we will all be smiling about their performance then, so support them now.

A little change-up right now makes sense, Let's see what happens over the next few weeks,

OL, OC and S&C coaching critical assessment, on the other hand, is fair.




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Actually, you replied to my post. But I admit that I misinterpreted your face palm comment. However, I am not sure how 100,000 thousand people with their faces in their hands is any better than booing. Non verbal communication is still communication. For the record, I don't boo at games, but I don't get upset when people do. It's an emotional game.


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In order to offer constructive criticism you must be qualified to do so.

99.9% of this board is not qualified in any way, shape, or form to offer constructive criticism to the players and/or coaches.

That doesn't mean you can't comment on things, but using "constructive criticism" as your justification is straight terrible.


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Booing is one thing and should be reserved as a method of chastising unprofessional failings and behavior by players, coaches, and refs in my book.  Criticizing players by name is something that will rightly occur as long as it is done in a professional and adult (and constructive) way.  Are we so sensitive now we have to pretend people don't make mistakes anymore?  I'm not talking about trashing people.

Also, since we as fans support the university and team in many ways - including financial - we have a right to speak and not just be told to shut up. This is what fans do. Everywhere.


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even though I would mind a player reminding me of Craft routinely, i would be delighted to see a player of his skill set (hand checking masterfully) get onto our roster.


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What? Are you serious? It's one thing to call these young men names and inappropriately berate them, it's another to criticize them. And they will be criticized. When I played high school football, if me or my teammates had shortcomings (despite all the potential that may have been there), there was talk about us by name from outside the program, and we thought nothing of it. That's part of how sports and fans work, and if I could handle it as an high school athlete, then these young men who are in the public's eye and are being rewarded by a free education certainly will be criticized and should deal with / expect it. Let's not be absurd and continue to promote a false babying culture where everybody wins.


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The board has been too bi-polar lately. It seems every thread is filled with idiotic insults toward thing X or idiotic support for thing X.

How do you have a sports discussion with no criticism?


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a personal attack would be disparaging remarks about someones character or family or juvenile comments re someones looks or whatever.  i can agree that using 4 letter words to describe student atheltes is not right, ie player x is a bitch.  comments directed at the performance of student athletes are fair game.  someone commenting that chris bryant or schofield or miller are not good athletes and below average football players is are comments re borges being unoriginal and stale....and its also logical considering that this is a blog for fans which allows for full spectrum of opinions and insight and commentary on anything UM football (or i guess institution or sports)  related.  its an online forum where everyone has right to comment as they see fit, just as everyone has right to debate or offer counterpoint to any opinions etc.   i do not approve of character assassination or baselessly ripping apart student athletes using 4 letter words.  if some cannot handle criticism of particular players, then offer a counterpoint or engage the poster in debate, simply ignore the comments, or just dont view the site.  its a free forum, not subscription based and these types of blogs are always a little heated....across the entire www and across all possible subject matter.  grow up.  and to the other point, effort and experience and heart only go so far....eventually natural ability and learned technique outweigh effort and experience and heart in terms of executing assignments and making athletic football plays.  its a team game, but inside of that team concept the ability to consistently win 1on1 matchups ultimately determines outcomes of plays and games.  these kids can try as hard as they want but they need to execute - executing both in terms of assignment/scheme integrity and athletically winning 1on1 matchups to make plays - effort and experience without execution = a long day.  sure alabama and osu have hard working kids that play with heart and have some experience....but they also have tons of talent and ability which is most important.  lastly i think its pretty telling kyle bosch jumps in as true freshmen and instantly becomes the best guard on the yes, miller and bryant are young and inexperienced, but they will not be good in several years, theyll just be older more experienced kids with little talent.  i think i included a decent number of specific names here, at least tried to, and didnt trash their character, i simply offered an opinion regarding current execution and talent have several options, you can offer counterpoint, you can ignore, etc..  but grow up, im guessing you never played sports on big time stage bc commentary from the masses, both positive and negative are inevitable.  every kid on um roster is a great kid bc thats how they recruit....unfortunately their character is not up for debate here, their performance on the field is