Personal Criticism of Players by Name

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With the level of negativity directed toward our guys, particularly our young interior linemen, I'm hoping the mods might allow this to have it's own thread. This post says it well and speaks for a lot of us. Hat tip to MGrad.

I am uncomfortable with the level of personal criticism directed at the players by name in all of these threads.

They wear the Michigan uniform and play their hearts out for the Michigan team, and for that they have my 100% support for everything that they do on that field, even if they struggle.

They are still very young inside the tackles.  Those names getting criticism are going to be excellent linemen in a year or two and we will all be smiling about their performance then, so support them now.

A little change-up right now makes sense, Let's see what happens over the next few weeks,

OL, OC and S&C coaching critical assessment, on the other hand, is fair.




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fans boo at almost every type of game and for almost every sport. Should I not boo at a Tigers game? Should I not boo the refs when they make a mistake for fear of hurting their precious feelings? Should I put my kid inside a bubble to shield him of everything?


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is a way for fans to communicate real time displeasure of something specific. If the staff runs the same failed play the fans can boo so they can connect the displeasure with a specific thing - in this case a play. Same goes for players. It is not safe to assume that they know they are doing poorly. Coaches can be ignorant and stubborn to a fault.


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Serious question to OMG Shirtless.  Exactly what do you think upset fans SHOULD do then if not boo?  Is it not permissable to show coaches whose boss requests I pay upwards of $150/game (inclusive of PSLs) for the priviledge of watching the game) that I think their game plan and play calling are costing those very players we care about a chance to win?  

I'm not booing.  Hell, I wussed out and came home so I'm not even going to be there.  But I do question philosophically the idea that it's ok to charge a LOT to watch a game but it's not ok to express displeasure with the product.


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Back in the day when they were just representing their country and not getting endorsement deals, wouldn't it be in poor taste to boo an Olympic athlete?

Heck, even at a pro game, I don't see much point in booing the players. It really doesn't do anything. Refs, sure, because it shows that they were caught in a mistake and it's been shown a big part of home field is refs and even subconscious intimidation. Maybe also the other team playfully, or if somebody is being a showboating jackass or running up the score or being unsportsmanlike. But otherwise you're not doing anything but making yourself feel better.


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But that's the point.  I do too but it's not the players I'd be booing (if I was booing).  It would be the COACHES....are they also immune from being boo'd?

True story - years ago Michigan was playing somebody and playing badly.  With about 2 minutes to go and down more than a touchdown whoever Lloyd's OC was at the time called a QB Waggle and hit the TE for about a four yard gain on a 4th and 16.  I went nuts (as did the rest of the stadium it seemed) and started booing.  Not the players...the IDIOT coaches who called such a stupid play.

On the drive home Lloyd was on the radio going off on the fans for booing the players.  I wanted to scream through my radio "it's not was YOU everyone was booing".

How do you let highly paid coaches know they are killing those very players we both agree shouldnt be boo'd?


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I feel pretty safe saying that Mr. Analytics Dave Brandon has a pretty good pulse on the mood of the fanbase, which he passes on to the coaches at his discretion without you actively having to do anything.

The flip side is, why do you feel you need to let the coaches know you're not happy. Do you believe that everyone isn't totally invested in the team succeeding, unless constantly prodded by fans to do so? Up to a point, coaching a team shouldn't be a crowd-sourced endeavor. If you believe we're at the point for Dave Brandon to start firing people, well just stop buying tickets and merch and I'm sure that'll get his attention a lot faster than booing ever will.


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Stop buying tickets, and send an email saying why. Or if you just can't part with them, just send the email. Anything else is people just kidding themselves that it's about someone else and not all about them and making themselves feel less impotent about the game.


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So hypotheticaly let's say Big Al comes out today and decides that the problem last week was simply the wrong offensive lineman were playing and not his play calls so he continues to run Fitz into 8-9 man fronts for no gain or losses.  Let's say he is SO committed to this failed strategy that Fitz gets something crazy like 27 carries for 27 yards (crazy example I know - would never happen in real life) what you expect the reaction of the fans to be when he calls the same play the 28th time with the same results - especially if he calls it down 10 late in the 4th quarter?

What would be acceptable to you?  Cause the vast majority of people watching would be losing their mind in frustration.


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The fundamental issue is that booing is not for anyone but yourself. What's the point? You seem to be saying that the point is to let him know you disagree. The problem is that he doesn't care what you think, and rightfully so. His job is on the line, not just your feelings.


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I think you're missing the point. I'm not saying you don't have an impact, in fact I'm saying you do have an impact and you should be careful to use it in a way that helps the team. Cheering helps the teams morale and has a positive effect, booing hurts it.

Second, noise on defense is actually a tactical advantage, as seen by our numerous false starts and guys not getting off the line at the snap count last week. It's one of the few ways a fan can actively influence a game.


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and I think that should mean something. If it's the Lions, yeah BIG MONEY is involved and the fans are there to be entertained but at a college game aren't we all there to support the Alma Mater or the school? Finally, why boo anyways? Booing to me is a very selfish thing, "I'm not happy, you are not pleasing me!!" If I was a player busting my a*% and things aren't going well I would not appreciate being booed by a bunch of folks that are supposed to be on our side. Booing to me represents this 'third' side, 'The FANS', and if they are going to be a mercurial bunch quite frankly I could do without them.


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In general, the rule essentially is as follows:

Criticism of performance or production or in-game decisions = fine

Ad hominems and other personal abuse = not fine, up to and including a ban. 

Actually, that rather goes for your fellow MGoBloggers as well. Critiques of arguments are welcome as always, but to use the example of a now-former user, calling someone "the stupidest poster ever" and then proceeding to tear into them further is indeed Bolivia-able, if you will, even up to a ban depending on the severity. 


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I'd like to put some perspective on all of this who is to blame business coming from the eyes of a current college lacrosse player.  I personally hate when people blame my coaches for our team's loss.  You can blame coaches all you want but at some point the players on the field have to look at each other and put up or shut up.  And that's how we think as players when we lose. We have never blamed our coaches because they put us in position to win.  The outside world doesn't know what goes on in the huddles or in practice. Granted i'm not a huge fan of Borges' playcalling sometimes, but in the end I've seen us win running the same plays too. So it's time for every player, not just the o-line, to step up today and get this season back on track


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I didn't play in college but I can tell you that when I played football in high school and had a QB that could throw the ball a country mile and some kids that could run playing receiver our team hated it when our coach would call sweeps and options into the short side of the field over and and over. Sometimes coaches are stubborn donkeys that can kill a team morale.


October 19th, 2013 at 2:12 PM ^

I won't name any names but the young men who play LG, C, and RG have been a problem. And our QB turning the ball over kills the team. And both of the DEs haven't gotten nearly enough pressure on the opposing teams' QBs.


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This will be tough to expect.  The blog staff itself has been pretty brutal in player assessment.  Always expect worse from the drunken posters than the actual writers.


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I realize that just saying "so and so sucks" isn't exactly insightful analysis, but if for example, Kalis didn't play well last week, then young Mr. Kalis didn't play well last week.   I'm not going to launch into personal attack but I'm not going to sugarcoat either.

I believe Coach Hoke himself has stated that college football on this level is "big boy football."

National tv, national exposure, you ain't in high school anymore bud.  If you play poorly, the whole country is going to see it.

Doesn't excuse base, low brow berating of a player, nor does  it warrant personal attack.  But it is what it is, if they play poorly people are going to notice and talk about it.


Bando Calrissian

October 19th, 2013 at 2:20 PM ^

Some of you people really need to get some thicker skin. These are kids who play in front of 110, 000 people on a given Saturday. They're on highlights on national television. Hell, most of you knew more about these kids' ACT scores and physical attributes when they were 16 than their parents did. They're big boys, and like it or not, D1 football has opened them to the peering eye of the critical fanbase.

So we're just supposed to start pulling out the kid gloves? Come on now. If criticism is out, why even have the blog?


October 19th, 2013 at 3:01 PM ^

Good answer. This thread is about the behavior of upset fans at a game that boo. Your solution to that problem is that the fans should provide constructive criticism instead of booing. How is that accomplished in real time in the stadium?