The Perfect Football Saturday

Submitted by HartAttack20 on September 13th, 2009 at 4:17 PM

As I'm sure you all know, Michigan upset ranked Notre Dame in mind blowing fashion. That in its self is enough to make an amazing saturday for me. As I'm sure you also know by now, MSU lost, also in mind blowing fashion to CMU on a late field goal. And, as I'm sure you know, OSU lost to USC in yet another mind blowingly good game that was won in the final minute. I really don't know how this Saturday could've been better. It was simply perfect. All three of our biggest rivals lost and one of those teams played us. This doesn't make the Big Ten look like crap either, except for maybe MSU slightly. OSU had a good effort but came up short to my liking. MSU had a close game, but they lost to a MAC school. All in all, it was an amazing Saturday and I only see a possibility of two weekends beating this one (MSU and OSU weekends?). Thoughts on the weekend?



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I was just talking about this with somebody.

I dont know about your exact scenario, I would have to do some more research.

But as far as the last time we had a college football Saturday where Michigan won and all their of our rivals ND, MSU and OSU each lost was October 2, 2004.

Coincidentally, Chad Henne's Freshmen year. A Rose Bowl year.

UM beat IU 38-17. ND got trucked by Texas A/M 24-3. MSU got rolled in Kinncik Stadium and Ohio State, en route to a 4-4 Big 10 season, lost in Evanston.

Not gonna lie: That was a fun night in Chicago, IIRC.

Anyway, soak it. This sort of Perfect Football Saturday doesnt roll around that much.


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This weekend was perfect.

1. The obvious win.
2. All our rivals lost.
3. I got to watch the game in a bar in Chicago with a number of friendly ND fans. They were good sports, and made it fun. (Also, Jimmah stole one of their bikes on campus. Interesting story.)
4. After watching the game, I got to head over and watch U2 at Soldier Field.

Now I have lots of homework to catch up on, but I can't imagine any way that yesterday could have been improved.


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It really was the perfect Saturday. Not only did all those teams lose but I was able to watch the game yesterday in the Big House and I couldn't have asked for a better game. It was thrilling from start to finish and I can't wait to see what the rest of the year will be like for us.

On a side note, last night after the game Shaw was at the same restaurant as I was and I heard him talking to someone about how Michigan expects to win the Big Ten title this year and go undefeated. I love that they're so pumped about this year and have such high hopes for the rest of the season. Even though I don't really expect them to go undefeated the fact that they think they can is, IMO, a great feeling.


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I'm glad that the team has high goals and thinks they can go undefeated. I also don't think they will, but yeah it is a refreshing thought. Looking at our season now, it is really nice that they have some time to work on things for the next two weeks. Those are must win games against EMU and Deleware State. We can rest some guys that have minor (ha) injuries. That will let us build up to the MSU game and improve as a whole. It looks like MSU had a lot of trouble with CMUs spread offense. I'm excited to see where this team can go.


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i watched the game at the seattle U-M alumni club bar, which is also the nd bar. it was fun to try to out-cheer them, and they were pretty classy. plus, after we won one of the nd fans was whistling The Victors as we all walked out. pretty rad.


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About five years ago my friends and I all came up with our town "triple threat" which is basically three football teams that we either want to win or lose on every given week. We would keep track of how many times each of us got our triple threat, or on really bad days the opposite (triple stuffing).

My triple threat has always been:

Michigan Win
OSU Loss
ND Loss

Not only did I get my triple threat yesterday, but then MSU lost on top of it!!! Unbelievable! As jamiemac pointed pointed out, a Saturday like this does not come along often. I plan on soaking this up at least until Michigan's first loss.

What's also great to consider is that with a Michigan win looking likely next week (knock on wood), either MSU or ND will fall to 1-2, raising serious questions about the rest of their season. Couldn't imagine a better start to the year! Go Blue!

Maize and Blue…

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I would have preferred that MSU won. If they lose again next week they will be a dangerous team to face in our first road game of the year.

While I have a hard time ever cheering for OverratedStateU it would have benefitted the perception of the B10 for them to have beaten SC.