Is Pep Hamilton an issue

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In an otherwise terrible piece at Yahoo, Pete Thamel wrote that Hamilton’s reputation in NFL circles was not a good one and that the lack of success of the offense with him on board was “predictable.” Drevno has taken a lot of heat for the play calling and offense in general, but there was the introduction of several new variables on the staff on that side. Wheatley gone, Jay to RB, Fisch out, Hamilton and Frey in. There have been issues at RB, most obviously with pass pro, but I’m willing to give Jay the benefit of the doubt long term, given his success with the TEs. Frey has a track record. That leaves Pep. And, truth be told, he did have bad offenses in Cleveland and with Indianapolis post Deflategate.



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Are each failing. What achievements within the past five years can Pep cite in his favor? Pep might be a fine man but he doesn't get the job done. He needs to go.


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1. Doyou think we should allow political discourse on MGoblog?
2. Does my poetry suck? (This would most definitely be a legitimate criticism)
3. Do you agree with the right wing caricature of environmental regs having all cost and no benefit in the post I mocked?
4. Am I missing something and does the post I mocked actually have something to do withMichigan football?
5. Something else?


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I think we have the least experienced team in America that is starting a backup from the AAC at quarterback out of necessity. If the offense sucks next year, I'll maybe start to wonder about Pep.

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Yeah, that's where I'm at too.  There is just a stunning lack of talent at every position on this offense.  Coming out of this season and next, who could you honestly see as a future NFL player?  There's no one.  Only players with a remote shot of being on a 2018 or 2019 NFL roster are Cole and Onwenu.  And Cole is only a practice squad type of guy and Onwenu is a guard and guards don't leave early.  Some of the WRs might make it, but that won't be until 2020.

The offensive talent is BAD and its not changing any time soon.


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Not sure it's really something that could be fixed this year, but I would imagine some of the young receivers (DPJ, Nico Collins, Oliver Martin, Tarik Black) will be solid. Freshman receivers usually stink, with a few notable exceptions. We also saw the effect that an offensive line can have on good running backs when Thomas Rawls and Fitz Toussaint both did nothing at the ends of their Michigan careers, then stayed on NFL rosters for multiple years. Chris Evans didn't get 7ypc last year then forget how to play football. 


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I counted 4 drops on very catchable balls. Did Pep call the drop the ball play? Also if there is an issue with play calling, how do people solely put that on pep? Last I knew Drevno is still the oc. Harbaugh still hears and helps call all the plays. Yet people are blaming him. Let's face it people, we are playing a qb who couldn't do anything under Fish against Indiana at home last year. A offensive line that can't pass protect, rbs who suck at pass pro and overall are just OK at best, and Wr's that can barely catch the ball. But yeah people, I see why you think this is on pep.


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The thing that baffles me:  wasn't there a lot of frustration with Fisch last year towards the end of the year.  

I keep seeing let's re-hire Fisch type comments, yet I seem to recall a ton of frustration with his Iowa, Ohio State, and Florida State debacle game plans.