Pep and Partridge Pressers

Submitted by OwenGoBlue on April 23rd, 2018 at 8:31 AM

247 has summaries up for yesterday's Pep and Partridge pressers. 

Saw press conference videos and some individual bits on the board but these are fairly comprehensive. Partridge goes into safeties, his Bama offer, WRs, etc. and Pep talks QBs, collaborative process, OL and the offense overall.

Michigan Coach Presser Power Rankings (#discussman): 

  1. Don Brown
  2. Zordich
  3. Good mood Harbaugh, mostly for the meandering
  4. Partridge
  5. Washington (debut ranking, high potential for movement along with Moore and Warinner)
  6. Mattison
  7. Moore 
  8. Warinner
  9. Bad mood Harbaugh, mostly for the death stares
  10. Pep

      45. JayBaugh

      46. McElwain

      455. Drevno (RIP)




April 23rd, 2018 at 9:41 AM ^

OP's rankings remind me of the "winning cures all" adage we hear in sports. While a cliche, it is a sports truism. When it comes to assistant coaches, if your unit is performing everything coming out of your mouth in a presser is poetry. If your unit is lacking everything you say is proof of how bad you suck at coaching.

Drevno actually had a lot of the qualities you find in the guys at the top of the list - energetic, quirky, etc. - however, no one cared much because of the state of the Offense and O-line specifically. When you look at Zordich, if our DBs were the weak point of our defense how do you think we'd like his brutal honesty/saltiness? We'd be taking him to task for avoiding the blame and not doing his job. And while I can't imagine ever NOT loving a Don Brown presser, if the defense were to ever fade a bit, fall behind the offense, and lead to a couple losses . . . I'm sure there would be plenty of people complaining that his "shtick is getting old".      


April 23rd, 2018 at 9:54 AM ^

Drevno was the prototypical coachspeak guy but if they were balling there we wouldn't mind one bit. We'd think very differently of his extended pumping the well metaphor. 

I think the top 10 are all solid presser-ers as far as coaches go. We just have some fairly interesting guys so Pep, Matti, etc. slide down. To me JayBaugh is a good coach who has mostly had his groups perform well; he's just so locked in on not giving any info away I I don't think his pressers are interesting for those of us who are tuned in to the program generally.