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Submitted by PeteM on November 14th, 2018 at 10:02 PM

Last year DPJ's stats didn't look like what you might expect from 5 star recruit, but a lot of it wasn't his fault.  It felt like every other game he was open for a deep ball that went 10 yards past him.  One of my favorite scenes of this year (so far) is his TD against Michigan State, both his breaking away from the defender and Paul Bunyan pose in the end zone.

Anyway, I'm glad that he didn't get discouraged and that it's paying off.  The most eye-catching (if not totally surprising) stat in the article below is that DPJ has 7 touchdown catches for the year whereas the receiving corps as a whole only had 3 last year.



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That Paul Bunyan pose was classic. Have to admit I didn’t know what he was doing when he did it until I saw a thread here. Classic by an amazing player. So athletic!


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Someone did a nice front page or diary post last year showing the impact of freshmen WR and trying to extrapolate what we could expect of Black, DPJ and Collins.  Does anyone remember it or have a link?  I almost want to say it was a Mathlete feature.


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DPJ is killing it with TD's. I personally would like to see him catching the ball out of slants more and getting 100+ yard games but they are winning so what do I know.  I do believe Ambry is better at kick off and punt returns and I'm wondering when they are gonna turn him loose?????   

YES!!!! The Paul Bunyan Pose was probably the highlight of the season. It will go down as one of the best in Michigan history, like the Desmond Howard Heisman pose or the Charles Woodson pics with the roses in his mouth. CLASSIC!!!!!


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DPJ and Patterson are certainly figuring each other out. I agree 100% I didn't see the stellar talent emerge last season, he had flashes of it, but what did strike me, is his improvement in special teams even last season. That was on him, he gained confidence, coaching, and showed something special. He very well could establish himself in the ranks of some of the best in Michigan history at this rate. I would love to see him be the game breaker next weekend.

SD Larry

November 15th, 2018 at 9:02 AM ^

DPJ = playmaker.  Impacts every game as the defense has to account for him.  Really excited to watch the rest of his career at Michigan and beyond.  Seems like a great young man too.