People are saying good things about the recent play of DJ Wilson and Kam Chatman

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I figure we're a little desperate for good news, so I'm posting this article containing reviews of the recent play of Wilson and Chatman.  I don't want to steal any of UMHooops' thunder, so please click on the link (I also don't know how to block quote).  A preview, though:  One scout-type person noted that Wilson recently showed athleticism of a type he hadn't before, and another scout-type person called Chatman "one of the most cerebral" players in his class. 



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Tweeted this the other day: video highlights of Kameron Chatman from recent tourney game in which he scored 28 points and hit the game-winning shot with 3.1 seconds left in OT. He's #3 in white.


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the word that sticks out to me was "length."  A kid with size that can stretch out is something I've seen used against Michigan more times than I care to see.  Some of our own to fight it with will be nice to have more of.


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While the 2014 B-Ball class may not be as star studded as 2012 (or 2013, relatively speaking), it's full of great multi-year players that will be key building blocks going forward.  With Chatman, Donnal, and Wilson, the wing-forward (3 and 4) depth going ahead will be great.

IMHO, biggest priority for the 2015 class right now is a high-caliber SG.  Kennard would fit the bill, but seems destined for UK.  Coleman is my hope there.  Also will need a solid big, not sure yet who would be my first choice that's viable (not holding my breath on Zimmerman for now).

Perkis-Size Me

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Beilein knows how to spot talent, and he knows how to get the absolute most out of all his players. That's for sure.

These guys might not be the typical "blue chip" prospects that the likes of Kentucky and Duke land every year, but I don't care. Beilein will have them playing at a top level before all is said and done.