PennState confidence and McSorley health?

Submitted by Mgoczar on October 29th, 2018 at 12:41 PM

What is the status of McSorley's injury? He went out and then came in and rattled off a 50 yd TD. I tried to go read some Pennstate247 board for answer and all I see is them proclaiming we are crap and they will be beating us. 


While we are at it (FFFF still couple of days away), which position group does PSU have an advantage over M?



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I think McSorly will play.  After seeing his backup bulldoze his way into the end zone and throw like two darts on their final drive of the first half, I am kind of hoping he does.



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PSU is a dangerous team.  We have been hearing lately that the focal point of the offense begins and ends with McSorley.  He is a good QB that can do a lot of things.  Their RB is also a good one.  

If we can take advantage of home field play, I think the offense has a lot of promise to really shine.  


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S&P+ 22nd rated offense, 21st defense. 

From poking around online, Hamler seems to be the key for their passing game. 

PSU had problems running the ball against a good Iowa defense.  McSorley had a completion percentage under 50%.

Iowa's QB was catastrophically bad. 

Franklin isn't a good situational coach.

Yinka Double Dare

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Weather seemed to screw up both QBs in accuracy. But PSU's efficiency numbers in the pass game this year haven't been all that good overall, between the personnel losses to graduation/NFL and no more Moorhead calling the plays, that part of the offense has really taken a dive. Run game is still top 10 to S&P+, and Sanders is a home run hitter.


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The last thing we need to do is hurt him during the game and have the backup beat us up and down the field like a couple games I would rather not remember

Eye of the Tiger

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They are pretty good. Not great, and definitely not as good as they were last year, but still good enough to give us a hard time and even beat us if the stars align a certain way. We should not take them lightly or consider the game “in the bag.”

That said, I am confident that if both teams play well and luck breaks even, we win. 


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Despite the fact the Game is in Bucknut Land, I'm thinking M will get an even shake in the reffing this year.

In recent years the B1G designated OSU as the special conference offering for the CFP.  With the wheels starting to fall off OSU, I don't see that happening this year.  If M wins the next 3 games, the way opens up, Urbz gets carted off the field with a heart attack, and M is headed to title game.


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Fans can do whatever they want but I am fully confident that those inside Schembechler Hall are taking this as seriously as humanly possible. As we've heard Don Brown say, he thinks about the 2017 PSU game every day. I'm sure Jim feels the same way, watching that asshole Franklin exhorting his team to hurry to the line so they could try to tack on another score.

It's time for revenge.


October 29th, 2018 at 12:52 PM ^

Breaking: Penn State fans think Penn State will beat Michigan, more at 11.

Injury wise: he came back in and played the rest of the game. Also, Vegas didn’t hold the line until later in the week. He is fine. 

I don’t think they have a positional advantage anywhere except maybe their CBs against our WRs. 


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send a bat light for nittany fan!  i will look forward to his measured response.

as to 'confidence', at least for this michigan fan i was pretty pumped after EL, but have calmed down since.  i think we will be in for a tough game, that we are likely to win, but it won't be a cake walk. 


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Watch the Vegas line. If it tightens up, McSorley is healthy.

Personally, I think that if McSorley is confirmed OUT for the game, it will be much tougher. I trust Franklin to put together an idiotic "lol Trace will do it all" game plan if he's healthy-ish, but might actually do some real game planning around the backup.

Basically, I would much rather our defense deal with a known threat who may not be able to do everything that he is called to do (McSorley)...instead of a team full of great athletes being turned loose.

The Fan in Fargo

October 29th, 2018 at 12:59 PM ^

Whatever. The bucs and shartans handled McSorley. Michigan's defesne is far superior to those two. Superior on both sides actually. Especially at home. Their defense will break in The Big House. Higdon and Mason are going to walk all over them and when the bombs start going over the top against that weak secondary, there isn't going to be much more to talk about. Black is back baby. The Lions better be firing on all cylinders or they're in for a long afternoon.