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From Maize and Brew's feature where they interview the opponent's blog:

Maize n Brew: Last weekend, Penn State commemorated the 50th anniversary of Joe Paterno's first game as head coach. The decision to do so was met with lots of criticism. What was the Penn State community's response to it? And what were your personal feelings towards it?

Aaron Yorke: I don’t think the Penn State community was as horrified by the Joe Paterno tribute as the rest of America seemed to be. Most people I talked to felt the celebration was tasteful and understated, with a focus on the late coach’s contributions to student-athletes and academics. For me, I don’t think Penn State was right or wrong in what it did because we still don’t know how wrong Paterno was in his reaction to hearing about Jerry Sandusky’s abusive actions. If the rest of the nation doesn’t like that, well, they don’t have to show up to the game, watch it on television, or be bothered by it at all. I completely understand why people have a problem with what Penn State is doing, but Penn State isn’t the first organization to honor someone who has been peripherally involved in a major crime, and it probably won’t be the last.

Yeah, fuck these guys.


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"we still don’t know how wrong Paterno was in his reaction to hearing about Jerry Sandusky’s abusive actions."

Anything short of doing everything in your power to make sure Sandusky is locked up and never able to rape kids again is dead wrong. There is no fucking gray area of morality here. You don't get partial credit for informing your boss and leaving it at that.


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Lots of Koolaid over there.  One comment:  we almost had Urbz (come coach at PSU) until the Sandusky scandal broke.

To think, Meyer could be coaching at PSU if those kids had just kept their damn mouths shut.  The program would have been so much better-challenging for conference championships even!



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And the delusion continues! 

"King James"


"For me, wins and losses take a backseat to the happiness and character of our players.

95.7% of all PSU fans need to be on meds - margin of error, +- 4.3%


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those people are so strange. no mention of how bad franklin lied to everybody at vanderbilt and what he did with the recruits. but they cant stop talking about harbaugh. they dont like him, they dont know why they dont like him but they dont.

    i forgot though, everybody and every thing at penn state are just the best.  they are by far the worst and most desperate fan base out there. 


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I'm cool with them not wanting Harbaugh.

I tell my Penn State friends that I want them to replace Franklin so that PSU can be competitive again (I'm from PA), but that fanbase is so delusional and corrupted right now that I think Franklin is exactly what they deserve.


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At a time when Penn State football is still working in the shadow of the scandal that almost cost the university its football program, it can ill afford any public relations missteps.

Yet it can continue to be astonishingly tone deaf and delude itself into thinking that they are the arbiters of Joe Paterno's legacy and that program's perception to the public at large. Who needs a public relations department when last week one of your public relations professors tweeted that everyone should just forget the haters who merely believe that Paterno did something wrong?

What a disaster. 


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had to post this


"But even if I could be promised multiple national championships with him at the helm, I'm not sure I'd sell my soul to do it."


Im just going to leave this here. Quick question though, who is your favorite coach of all time?