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Submitted by Helloheisman on May 21st, 2010 at 9:27 PM
Planning a trip to Beaver Stadium with about 6 other friends... I was just wondering when I go to buy tickets this summer where some visitor friendly areas may be... or if there is a visitors section? Where we should tailgate? I am a virgin when it comes to night games, so when is a good time to get there to start the festivities? any help at all is appreciated!



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I live in Pa and have to deal with these douche bags everyday.  Thell yell at u from the minute they see you the minute you leave.  Its worth every penny and word said when they win, however.  If you have never been there before it is a sight to see.  If you do go maybe we can shotgun some beers together.  later

Hemlock Philosopher

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PSU at night is an awesome experience. Their visitor section is in the south endzone, second deck. Fans were friendly as long as we weren't dicks - we tailgated with the gen-pop. Sorry, cannot help with tix as my friend got them. Do it; you won't regret it.


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My brother went to Happy Valley for his senior year. He said that Penn State fans are half really nice and really classy (probably from Pittsburgh), and half horrible dbags (probably from Phillie).

His example was that some friendly Penn State fans who didn't know his group at all invited them to tailgate with them, but that as soon as Michigan lost random people were literally challenging him to fights.


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I bought tickets for the 2008 game through the UM ticket office and they were in section NLU.  I would try to buy them through UM if they sell them with all the other single games in June/July.  If not then, try craigslist and ebay. The price of the tickets will depend on how the teams are doing, but it will be there biggest game of the season. Its a night game and they dont get Iowa or OSU at home this year.

NLU, NKU, NL, and NK I believe are the sections designated for the visiting fans.

Here is a seating chart.

And here is a picture of Beaver Stadium where you can clearly see where the visitor sections are.…


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There is a lot of tailgating in the fields around the stadium, thats where I would recommend going. I would also recommend taking a walk around the campus, its pretty nice.  Reminds me of the diag and law quad a little bit.  I would say get there in the early to mid afternoon, you will have plenty of time to tailgate and the traffic isnt that bad since its in the middle of nowhere PA.


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I'm a Michigan grad and I'm from PA. My family is all Penn St grads and I've been to a lot of PSU game, You will see a lot of Michigan friendly people there but you will have to find them.

 At the game unless you're in or by their student section it's fine , student section is not fun . I sit in their alumni section with their old school pink flag waving fans and they will give you dirty looks that is it.

Also Philly and Pitt  PSU fans are not the problem it's the crew from my area that are the dbags. Wilkes Barre / Scranton have the winners there they get there at like 5 AM and drink all day and cry about the refs and who Michigan pays off this guy and that guy. Beaver Stadium is loud really loud and I hate to say this but it's makes the Big House seem like a morgue. But I wouldn't trade the Big House for that piece of crap.

  Also Penn St is nothing like Philly so no worries about being beat up or shot there but if they start telling you how bad Michigan is just remind them that they still have 8 years left of beating us before they can talk smack to you. Also if you have time before the party in the parking lot try out the creamery for ice cream that is the one good thing about PSU.

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You're going to get a lot of invitations to tailgate with middle-aged Penn Staters (what they call themselves), a lot of good-natured ribbing, and even more drunken abuse from their student body and general hangers-on non-student/alum fans.  All in all, probably the best visiting experience I've had out of the 6 Big Ten stadiums/Notre Dame I've been to. 

Get yourself to the Creamery for some ice cream, too.  MUST. 


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Sorry to not answer your question directly but PSU is one place I don't ever want to go for a game. I have heard from multiple individuals that it can be a worse place for M fans than Columbus. We always joke about MSU caring more about the rivalry than we do, but PSU fans are kind of in the same boat as they are in that context.


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I also live in PA and have been to a bunch of games at Beaver stadium....definitely a great tailgate scene and crazy game day experience. The PSU fans will most likely give you shit but it's usually in good fun. As long as you don't act like an arrogant D Bag they'll usually be cool. I'll be heading up there this year in an RV with mostly Penn State fans but I'll no doubt be wearing my Tate jersey. 

Frank Drebin: "Nice beaver!"

Jane: "Thank you. I just had it stuffed."

Steve in PA

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As a PSU alum, I can tell you that when I was there I never saw fans "abused".  There was some heckling, but I was also there while PSU NEVER beat Michigan so maybe things have changed. 

As was mentioned earlier, Philly fans are the ones that seem to have a higher level of douncyness.  It's not limited to PSU games though.  A quick google will give you plenty of examples of Philly fan showing no class whatsoever (burning cars with Canadian plates at hockey games, purposely puking on kids, etc).  Fans from Pittsburgh are generally more classy in all sports than their Philly cousins.

I will be trying to get tickets in the Michigan section.  This game at PSU is a W this year.  You can Rabach it.


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Apparently I'm going to have to watch out when I move to Philly in two weeks. Just graduated from UM. It sounds like my Michigan and Chicago Pro sports allegiance will not go over well.