Penn State Snowflakes: The Coaching

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This will be the repository for your thoughts and hot takes on the coaching performance in our game versus Penn State.



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Dunno man, Harbaugh currently has the 4th best college resume in his own division. Something happened at Iowa last year and nothing has looked the same since. I said after I sat through the MSU game two weeks ago that that game pretty much ended my hardcore fandom, so I'm not even mad anymore. But, if we don't win the big ten next year I firmly believe we'll never be elite again.


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Here was my mindset going into this evening - there was likely no way that we'd see Peters barring catastrophe of the physical kind, which I was OK with really, but having seen this offense just machine gun itself in the foot time after time again, I wouldn't mind seeing him at some point in the Rutgers game. 

I say that in full realization that Harbaugh continually says he'll play the personnel which he believes give us the best chance to win, but at this point....I am curious, I'll put it like that. 


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We were 8th in 2016.


Regardless, the real issue here is that as our weaker older classes are rolling off, it doesn't look like we are gaining on any of our divisions rivals, well, maybe MSU but not OSU or PSU. They are bringing in significantly better classes than us this year. Recruiting is still a concern. It's pretty solid, but not great and if we continue to lag OSU by this much it's a huge problem. 


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At the most important position on the field, Harbaugh's gone with Iowa's backup, a mid level 3* signed by the previous staff with weaknesses in his game that we've all noted many times, and Houston's backup.


I can understand not wanting to go with McCaffrey right now b/c of redshirt reasons and the fact that he physically looks like he's 12, but if you're not going to at least put some things in motion for Peters now, then I'm giving up completely on trying to understand what this staff is doing.


Opening Saturday next season is Michigan at Notre Dame. I don't know what's more scary... going in with Wilton Speight as the starter or a completely inexperienced Brandon Peters.


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After what O'Korn did at Purdue, he (and rightfully so) had a firm hold on the starting QB job with Speight out. Then even as he struggled against MSU, it could be qualified as being in a monsoon and explained away. Last week, you could try to put lipstick on it as a turnover-free game and one on which the RBs were relied upon more heavily.


But it's clear that this offense is based around an NFL style route tree and John O'Korn just does not fit that. And for awhile, I figured Drevno & Co would adapt things to what O'Korn does well, which is get rid of the ball quick and control the pace of the game with short passes (hitches, curls, outs) and quick reads. He ran an offense like that in high school and again at Houston. Go back and watch the YouTube clips that were posted all the time after he announced his transfer to UM. And look what Drevno's trying to get him to do! This offense needs to be tweaked based on what O'Korn does.


I agree with your take on what the coaches have seen in practice. But tonight ended Michigan's quest to play in Indianapolis. Tonight changed things.


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I hear that. And I defended RR in 2008 for implementing his playbook and only winning 3 games because of what I thought it would set up down the road.


But with a defense that (until tonight) was dominant and a backup QB who simply has no chance of executing the more complex route trees, you still run "your offense" but by calling more plays with the patterns your QB can throw, like the hitches, the curls, etc.


You eliminate some of the longer developing plays, the back shoulder timing routes, deep posts, etc.


But what did we see tonight? 3rd and 5 and every receiver (except Gentry who was short of the sticks) is running complex, long developing routes 15+ yards downfield.

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4th and 11. Play action pass. I turned it off in disgust right there.

My question, and it doesn’t matter who calls the plays, Harbaugh, Pep or Drevno... but when will we have a consistent game plan? I thought play action worked well, but our play calling was so predictable. Where did all the wrinkles go?


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Not sure what was worse...


The three straight passes in the monsoon after Higton ran 4 times for 20 yards.


The zone block draw on 3rd and 5 on UM's 2nd to last drive against MSU.




The play action pass on 4th and 11 tonight.


Harbaugh demoted Drevno from OC to OL coach once before in their time together. I have to figure it'll be discussed this offseason.


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You are really underselling the terribleness of the 4th down PA but not mentioning that it was a 4th and 11 I-Form Play Action! I form on 4th and 11! If not for my girlfriend sleeping on the couch, I might have tossed the TV out the window, just had to walk out of the room.


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Any semblance of coherence was going to be lost once it became clear that we needed to score 24+. I guarantee they game planned for a conservative, ball control grind because that's the only way they could win this game. Once the defense blew that up, you don't have too many options as a coach. You can call more aggressive plays, but it won't be coherent.


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Need to learn the basics of play calling... Tired of seeing 15 yard routes on 3rd and 5 .. They aren’t helping the players with these terrible calls..