Penn state recruiting

Submitted by Mgoczar on September 14th, 2018 at 10:35 PM

M has been recruiting well under Harbaugh and even Hoke recruited well, but looking at Penn state they are doing well also. Is the an effect of winning / James Franklin or penn state always has recruited well when not mired in controversy etc? I mean want it big2 (M , OSU) and rest 8 back in the day ? 


Gentleman Squirrels

September 14th, 2018 at 10:46 PM ^

Franklin is a good recruiter but winning took their recruiting to a next level. PSU commits always say that they have a great feeling of home and family at PSU and they really connect with Franklin. PSU is also tapping into the talent in the DC/Maryland area and the northeast since they're the closest big ten program that is decent.

It is not going to be Big 2 ever again and nor should you want it to be. Yes a strong Big Ten makes it harder to go unscathed. But it makes your program better as well. PSU has always been good but Franklin's recruiting is making it better. Dantonio has elevated MSU. Wisconsin is doing the same thing as always but now also getting higher rated commits. Nebraska may bounce back under Frost. NW and Iowa have decent years from time to time. Winning a conference like that is better than winning a crappy conference

The Fan in Fargo

September 14th, 2018 at 11:50 PM ^

To your second paragraph. I've wrote it before and I'll write it again. Michigan's most recent decline will eventually be it's most powerful culmination. It might be tough to see for most but I recognize it. Why do you guys think I say so much crazy stuff like I do? Why do you think everyone wants to keep this program down? Everyone knows who the real powerhouse is with the brains and now the pieces are lining up around the conference. When Michigan can get through this conference unscathed, there won't be a more polished team anywhere. See you later mud-licking Bama and your little blimp on the time-line.



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Well, Penn State has a similar advantage that Ohio State has in that they're the clear cut premier program in a state that produces tons of talent. That's a big boost right there. Not to mention the Northeast in general, which has very few major football programs. Other than Rutgers, at least.


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Franklin has always been a good recruiter. The winning helps and penn state has traditionally dominated the recruiting of Baltimore/dc/va (plus franklin has roots from coaching at Maryland) which produces more talent than Michigan and they also have Pennsylvania as a fertile recruiting ground.

apparently franklin has been selling having the chance to help the first black coach win a title hard and it’s a recruiting pitch that has resonated with recruits.


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Who cares about the middle of nowhere?  The stadium itself blows, but the area around it is awesome.  Nothing but open fields for tailgating.  It's a fantastic atmosphere for that, much more so than the area around the Big House.  We make it work, but its built to work in Happy Valley.  The bar scene before and after games is great, as well.  At least it was in 1997, haven't been back since.

Throw out the awfulness associated with Sandusky/Paterno, it's a great atmosphere on game day.